Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

  • Five Times Rebound
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Skin-Friendly
  • No Deformation & Breaking
  • Portable & Easy To Store
Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Workout Anytime & Anywhere

Fat burning is not only used for aerobic running or using weight lifting equipment. You can burn fat with the elastic band, and gives you a good body anytime, anywhere.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

A Gym In The Pocket

The lightweight mini size but the functional elastic band is not limited by time and space. It is a multi-angle resistance training, engage the whole body and core muscles, fully enjoy the excitement after each workout.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Small Size, Great Power

Prolonged sitting in the office may cause neck and shoulders strain. People who are not satisfied with the body and want to lose fat or gain muscle can use the elastic band to relieve muscle fatigue, energize your body, and train your whole body efficiently.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Eco-Friendly TPE Material

We ensure the safety and health of users. The rubber band is made of high-quality TPE material after 12 processes and achieved EU environmental standards. Yunmai rubber band is soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Friendly & No Irritation To Skin

Worry-free about of ‘natural latex’ material which has potential irritation to skin or oxidation after a long time.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

5 Times Rebounding Rubber Band

TPE material gives the rubber band high elasticity and can be repeatedly stretched up to 5 times of length under room temperature and return to its original length without deformation, no breaking. It is more durable and safer.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Thoughtful Design

The elastic rubber band is printed with ‘common workout guide’, which is suitable for beginners and get started immediately.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pull Up Rubber Band

Enjoy Workout Life

Let the colorful elastic rubber bands show you a colourful life.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Wash the rubber band directly with water and dry it with a towel. Please unfold to avoid sticking while drying.
  2. Store the rubber band in a cool place after folding when not using it for a long time.
  3. Do not place or store the rubber band under the sun and heat source to avoid affecting its lifetime due to high temperature.



1500 x 150 x 0.35mm

Net Weight

15lb/ 25lb


Eco-friendly TPE

Implemented Standards

Q/YM 008-2018


Zhuhai Yunmai Technology Co. Ltd