YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Raised Back Support
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Linkage Armrest
  • Comfortable Backrest
YM Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Perfect fit back support
  • Tilt tension balance adjusting mechanism
  • Integrated back rest and armrest linkage
  • Elastic breathable mesh fabric
  • Detachable head rest
  • 3D multi-direction adjustable armrest
YM Ergonomic Office Chair
YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Good ergonomic chair improves productivity at work

Yuemi YMI ergonomic chair design integrates the experiences of developing more than 100 office chairs, by innovating the seat, back, hand, and neck 3D adjustment support system to fully support your sitting posture. The simple design has transformed the scientific data into contemporary comfort and aesthetic. We believe that Yuemi YMI ergonomic chair will be a good assistant for your office.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Improve Your Sitting Posture

The back support fits your back perfectly, and it is adjustable to support your waist and other parts at your back, to correct and maintain a healthy sitting posture. A proper sitting posture can also prevent fatigue and more comfortable.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Straight Back Support To Create A healthy Sitting Posture

The integrated high back support is designed to fit your spinal structure, allows you sitting comfortably close to your desk to reduce the pressure on tour waist while sitting straight, maintain a healthy sitting posture and reduce fatigue.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Fit And Support Lower Back

  • Adjustable height
  • 3 level adjustment

The backrest support has 3 adjustable levels, to correct your lower back into ergonomic support, maintain a healthy sitting posture and prevent back fatigue. Besides, the convenient position of the handle can be easily adjusted without getting up from the chair.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Automatic Tilting Resistance Adjustment Balance Seat

The automatic spring resistance adjustment provides instant support and recline the backrest without manual controlling. It can smoothly switch from upright sitting to a reclined relax position.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Integrated Backrest And Armrest Linkage

The integrated armrest and backrest structure is made of durable aluminum alloy, which provides you comfortable arm support in a different angle of the backrest and reduces fatigue on

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

50mm Depth Adjustment

Wide range of adjustable seat depth, lean against the back of the seat, to distribute the force evenly, reduce the pressure on the hips and knees.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Multi-directional Armrest Adjustment

3-dimensional armrest adjustment and multi-level height adjustment can support arm in various sitting positions for a more comfortable arm resting and supporting.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

More Detailed Thoughtful Designs

Yuemi YMI ergonomic office chair cares about every single detail on the design. We carefully selected high-quality materials and accessories to create a reliable office partner for you.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

We Care About Your Head

The height and angle of headrest can be adjusted according to different sitting posture to fit your head and reduce the pressure on your neck. Besides, the headrest is also detachable to meet a variety of your needs.

  • Detachable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Angle
YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Clean Air Lifting Cylinder

The office chair adopts SAMHONG clean air cylinder, which is safe, durable and non-greasy. The clean air cylinder will not only ensure smooth lifting but also avoid dirtying your clothes when you accidentally touch the air cylinder.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Stretchy, comfortable and breathable mesh fabric

Unlike traditional fabrics and foam materials, the mesh fabric is not only stretchy, but also breathable, which allows air, body heat, and moisture flow smoothly through the seat and back, drying out the dampness and making the skin comfortable.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Aluminium Alloy 5 Star Base*

The integrated 5-star base is made of aluminum alloy with fine polishing texture, which distributes pressure evenly, stable and durable.

*The base of the white color chair is made of aluminum alloy, while the base of the black color chair is made of glass fiber nylon material

YM Ergonomic Office Chair

Smooth & Silent Casters

Smooth caster wheels allow the chair to move freely, smoothly, and good noise-free properties to create an ideal office environment.

YM Ergonomic Office Chair
YM Ergonomic Office Chair
Product Model


Product Size

700 x 700 x 1190 mm

Net Weight

Approx. 20.3 kg (Black)
Approx. 20.6 kg (Limited Edition White)


Mesh Fabric, Aluminium Alloy and Plastic


Black and White

Implementation Standards

QB/T 2280-2016

Installation Kit

Flathead screw x 8, roundhead screw x 2, spare screw x 2, hex wrench x 1, gloves x 1