Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

  • Smart Noise Reduction
  • Wireless Recording
  • Super Howling Reduction
  • High resolution Speaker
Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Minimalistic Design

The products utilize professional acoustic advantages and pioneering design concepts, which effectively benefit from using space to integrate with the speakers and microphone. Though professional acoustic tuning, the fixed reverberation sound effect repeatedly adjusted with just one button. Enjoy music playback and vocal recording with strong bass, smooth midrange and ethereal treble.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Simple Industrial Design

With the support of the near-field anti-howling technology, professional microphone and portable audio. The sound is integrated, creating an unique K song experience. The arc of the fuselage meets the ergonomic design. The perfect shape and special grip that is easy to operate. Multifunction buttons, 3D infinite knobs allows operation mode to be more streamlined.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

h4>All kind of gatherings, all within your control

Hosting game nights, talk shows, confession or karaoke competition.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Singing, Listening to songs, harmonizing, broadcasting

One microphone is all you need. Allowing you to enjoy at any occasions.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Anti-howling For Small Area Quality Sound Structure

High sensitivity, heart pointing music sensor with a spray structure and a DSP anti-howling function. Embedded with eight noise reduction technology with rigorous acoustics. It is guaranteed that it is highly restored music details and hierarchies, assuring quality sound.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

3D Infinite Knob

Bid goodbye to embarrassing situation caused by a single adjustment model. High powered knob interaction mode: click the knob to switch between speaker and the volume adjustment of vocal pickup, and the humanised anti-inadvertent design will automatically return to the default (if there is no operation for at least 10 seconds)

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Voice Display With 3 Color Indicator Light Visually Determining The Status

The products uses built in color LED light to set voice indicators in different status. The lamp bead, will react to different frequency, based on the operating status like switching on device, pairing device and low batteries. There are up to 9 different status. Even without the sound prompt, you will be able to identify the operating status.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker

Many Different Karaoke Mode

Life span of up to 4 hours. The Bluetooth 4.2 processing chip and high quality Type C audio cable ensures that under the pairing with Bluetooth, it will achieve high quality effect of low latency recording. Access type C USB flash drive, automatically read and play audio format file, support multiple file formats. Fully charged within 1.5 hours, enjoy up to 4 hours of playback time.

Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker
Xiaomi YM Wireless Microphone Speaker



5W/ 45mm

Bluetooth Version



7metre without interference



Charging Input

DC 5V/0.5A

Charging Time

Around 1.5 hours

Usage Time

Around 4 Hours


USB Type C


54mm x 200mm

Executive Standard

GB 8898-2011
GB/T 13837-2012
GB 17625.1-2012