Xiaomi ZSH.COM towel adopts Sinkiang long-staple cotton, which is soft and skin-friendly. With Sweden anti-mite material Polygiene, it can effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, mites, and it will not cause odor. The absorption capacity of the ZSH.COM towel is brilliant, so it can quickly absorb the water off your hair. The bright color indicates youth and energy, the patented sealing package ensures the cleanness of the towel before using. Start your beautiful day every morning with Xiaomi product!


Xiaomi ZSH Cotton Bath Towel

Youth series

  • Sinkiang long-stable cotton
  • Sweden antibacterial technology
  • Patented sealing package
  • 1.6s powerful absorption
  • The shedding rate is close to 0
  • No additives

Bright color makes you energetic and young

We adopt the technique of dye before weaving, so the colour purity and the colors are brilliant.


With antibacterial technology, never worry about mites

We apply the anti-mite material Polygiene to ZSH.COM bath towel. It can effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, mites, it even can kill SARS virus without the influence on natural bacterial colonies of your body.

  • Sweden
  • Polygiene

Not using Polygiene

Easy to grow bacteria, cause odor

Using Polygiene

No bacteria, no smell


High quality cotton can make good bath towel

We select Sinkiang long staple cotton
as the material.


Dry your hair easily and quickly

We retain the natural water absorption capacity of the cotton fiber to the maximum degree. So the absorption capacity of the ZSH.COM bath towel is 6 times that of the national superior product.


No additives, no chemical softener

With the idea of environmental protection, we refuse to add chemical additives, and we are committed to giving you the natural touch of the cotton.

  • No softener
  • Soft feeling

Skin-friendly material, no shedding

The length of the fiber is not less than 38mm, which ensures the shedding rate is close to 0

  • ZSH.COM towel – the fiber length <38mm
  • Ordinary towel – the fiber length <27mm

Sealed design ensures the cleanness of the towel before using









Package size (L x W x H)

22.00 x 18.00 x 6.00 cm / 8.66 x 7.09 x 2.36 inch

Package weight

0.1900 kg

Product weight

0.1300 kg