Xiaomi Yunmai Natural Soft Wood Yoga Mat
  • Fitness yoga mat, perfect for Pilates, yoga, and other stretching exercises.
  • High-quality material, safe and environmental protection, tasteless, no harm to your health.
  • Two unique slip-resistant textures, one side is natural Cork, the other side is rubber.
  • Easy to be washed with soap and water, but no exposure to sun directly.
  • Extra large size ( 1830x660x4mm ) ensures complete comfort for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Dual layer construction with high-density design, perfect compromise of comfort and stability, have a good rebound resilience.
  • Natural cork
  • Double-sided Anti-slip
  • Great resilience

Natural cork

  • Natural Material
  • Recyclable

100% Natural Rubber

The back of the yoga mat is made of 100% natural rubber from Malaysia. Gives you an excellent resilience and grip, which protects your body and joints.


Hot Press Laminating

The front side is a natural texture, the reverse side is rubber staggered texture.

  • Honeycomb Structure
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Inhibition of Bacteria

Great Resilience

The internal rubber structure of natural rubber is dense and it will be deformed when subjected to external pressure. When it loses pressure, it will immediately return to its original state.


Yoga Asanas Guide

  1. Reverse Point – Assist hands and feet when lie flat on the back
  2. 45 Degree Line – Assist standing body heel
  3. Horizontal Guide Line – Assist hands and feet potrait
  4. Center Point -Root symmetry point
  5. Center Line – Assist lateral balance
  • Soft and Tough – Anti-tearing,extended service life.
  • Natural Texture -Suitable for all occasions of yoga
  • Wider and longer – 1830 * 660 * 4mm
  • Yoga Bag – Easy to store and portable


Main material

cork, natural rubber

Product size