Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

  • Non-slip handle
  • One-piece bearing
  • Loaded metal block
  • Double wire ropes
Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

A Better Way To Workout

Jumping rope for 10 minutes is approximately equal to 30 minutes of running, which consumes a lot of energy in lesser time. It is efficient for a full-body workout, body shaping, and weight loss, easy to maintain your body figure.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Easy, Fun For Any Gender & Any Age Level

The jump rope is lightweight and easy to learn, no constriction at any time or place with lots of fun. Rope jumping is popular among athletes, people who love to workout, and suitable for everyone.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Sweat Absorbent Hand Grip

With ergonomic handle design and professional tape, soft and comfortable, sweat absorbent, anti-slip, and replaceable by badminton or tennis grip tape.

Built-In Bearing, Smooth Rotation & Avoid Tangled Wire

The handle has a built-in professional rotational bearing, which has smooth motion and avoids wire from tangling, ensures the product durability and quality.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope
Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Extra Weight Loading To Challenge Speed and Endurance

The metal block can be loaded in the handle, to adjust the grip, increase strength, challenge the speed and endurance of jumping to achieve a better workout effect.

*Weight load is optional when purchasing.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Double Wiring Ropes

The jumping rope is equipped with 3M light weight steel wire with adjustable length and wind resistant. The fine steel wire is suitable for speed racing while thick steel wire is suitable for fitness training.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Right Angle Professional Jumping

The rope jumping angle is perpendicular to the grip, which is easy to control, and makes the jumping speed faster.

Xiaomi Yunmai Jumping Rope

Protection Cover, Extended Lifetime

The steel wire is wrapped around with silicone cover, which can extend durability effectively.

Package Contents

Jump rope handle * 2
3.4mm steel rope *1
2.5mm steel rope *1
Spare grip tape*2
Grip tape*2
Loaded metal block (optional)
Portable pouch*1
Accessories pouch*1
User manual*1






PP, PVC, carbon steel

Implemented Standard

Q/YM 006-2018


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