Xiaomi XQiao Smart Treadmill SmartRun

Xiaomi XQiao Smart Treadmill SmartRun

This treadmill has a minimalist design. One of the unique features of this Silkworm technology is that it is a shock absorber system to prevent the risk of coming back and damage to your knees. The shock absorption system is also designed to neutralize the noise generated during running, so you can be sure that you will be silent running.

  • Cusioning for running shows
  • Silkworm cushion
  • Arch design

Minimalist design

The control panel is also made with a minimalist design, the high quality LED display is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons. On the left side of the panel is a photoelectric heart rate sensor. The heart rate monitor is read on the screen and can control the rhythm, avoiding excessive loads. In addition, it has a mobile application that can be connected via Wi-Fi. Thanks to the complementary application, not only can you track your physical activity and keep statistics, but you can also manage the simulator.

  • 90°erect wall
  • Covering an area of 45㎡
  • Fujo Micromotor
  • French imported bearings

One of the unusual features is the patented Silkworm technology, a system that absorbs shocks to the knee by preventing bouncing. In this way, it prevents knee diseases and injuries. The SmartRun requires no special installation, it has a lever that allows it to fold and unfold in seconds. It can be installed vertically at a 90-degree angle, occupying an area of less than 0.5 ㎡.


“One-foot pedal”

Installation-free and ready to use. And the “one-foot pedal” folding mode is adopted. Only by tapping the unlocking device gently, the column is slowly lowered, and the folding of the whole machine is automatically completed.


The motor lasts for 500 hours

Its power output is stable. It cooperates with the imported dry bearings from France. The friction coefficient is very small and the running noise is low. It brings you a comfortable running experience.





Effective Running Area

42*120 cm

Gross weight