OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

  • Compact Stepper
    The Q780 mini stepper has an extremely compact size – only 395 x 387 x 175 mm, occupies only 0.15 m² of home space, you can easily place it in many suitable rooms, such as a gym, bedroom, games room.
  • Noise Reduction Design
    The bottom of the pedal has a silencer and a special shockproof plate that muffles the sound so that your workouts do not interfere with your neighbors.
  • Maximum load up to 100 kg
    The XQIAO Q780 case is made of high strength steel capable of withstanding a maximum load of up to 100 kg.
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Aerobic Body Sculpting Program

You can maintain a good body shape without going to the gym.

  • Office
  • Rainy Days
  • Sunny Days
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Elastic Rope

The bottom of the stepper is connected with the elastic rope. At the same time, the muscles of the arms and the back muscles of the shoulders can also be effectively exercised.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Four-in-one Simple Movement

It helps you reduce fat and maintain a slim body.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Noise Reduction Design

The lower part of the stepper pedal is equipped with a silencer and shockproof pad which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the trunk of the pedal collision device during exercise.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Easy to lose weight

The stepper can be twisted and stretched. During the movement, the hips are twisted more and strengthens the core training.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

LCD Smart Display

The stepper monitors and records the user's exercise data throughout the whole process. The training process is clear at a glance. It is convenient for trainers to develop the next training plan.

  • Number of Steps
  • Time for exercise
  • Calorie Consumption
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Adjustable Pedal

The height of the stepper pedal from the ground can be adjusted according to the users own situation. This product can be used by Men, Women and Children. The higher the pedal is from the ground, the more difficult it is.

  • High Amplitude Range
  • Low Amplitude Motion
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Strong and Compressive

The whole body is made of stainless steel with high-end design and double hydraulic cylinders.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Ergonomic Motion Track

The mixed movement track of the stepper helps the user to raise the heel during the movement and reduce the impact of the kick joint. It protects the ankle and the knee joint.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)

Simple to Use

It is easy to use and it is easier to integrate into your house. It is not only fitness equipment, but it is also a decorative art.

OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)
  • Massage Pedal
  • Easy to Store
  • High Quality Brackets
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)
OVICX Mini Stepper (Q780)


Product Weight


Gross Weight



395 x 387 x 175