Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

Xiaomi XiaoVV 1080P 180º Wide Angle IR Night Vision IP65 Waterproof Dustproof Motion Detector Smart Wifi IP Surveillance Outdoor Panoramic Camera Apps Control

  • 180 Panoramic View
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • IP65 Waterproof & Dust-proof
  • AI Humanoid Detection
  • High Resolution
Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera
  • Cloud Drive
  • 180° Panoramic View
  • Movement Detector
Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

180° Panoramic High-Resolution View, Monitoring Your Home

By adopting a high-resolution panoramic lens, wider monitoring view, it is more convenient to check on every corner in your home.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

2M HD Pixels 1080P HD Quality

It has adopted an optical lens and a high-functional 2M Pixels CMOS sensor. It is also clear and has sharp quality thats looks like a real scene.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

Infrared Night Vision Monitoring Day & Night.
IR-CUT infrared filter automatic switching mode.

The monitoring view is clear in the day and night. Accurately capture a clear image even in an invisible situation.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

AI Humanoid Detection Function, Accurate Emergency Alarm

Activate humanoid detection function, intelligently analyze and identify the person in the figure, promptly push the emergency alarm message to the APP.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

Instant Two-way Voice Communication

You can have long-distance communication anytime and anywhere. You can attend a call indoors and outdoors feeling safe and secure.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

Two ways storage method, secure data safely

Support local MicroSD memory card storage and automatically loop recording. Support cloud storage too, no storage device needed. It is easy to use, no maintenance care is needed. No more lost data, you can playback the video anytime on your mobile phone.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

IP65 Professional Level of Waterproof & Dust-proof
Applicable Indoors & Outdoors

Effectively protection against dust and water, hassle-free for bad weather. It has a professional protection and has a longer lifetime.

*Dust-proof IP6X and waterproof IPX5 report are based on the data from Dong Guan Dong Dian testing technology Co., LTD, report reference number: DDT-Q19061907-IS2. Do not leave it in the rain for a long time.
*Recommended for outdoor use with shelter, avoid heavy rain, it helps to extend the lifetime.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

H.265 Video Coding Technology
Smooth Viewing & Save More Internet Bandwidth

This product adapted H.265 video coding technology, improve streaming and optimize coding quality. It delivers a higher quality of streaming video compared with an equal bandwidth, save more video storage capacity.

Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera
  • Lens, Microphone, Photosensitive Detector
    Adopt High Definition lens, wider view, high resolution, clear and smooth video
  • Power Supply, Reset Button
    Include reset button and power supply input, dust-proof cover design. Secure power input wire tightly and prevent from falling off.
  • Speaker, Wall Mount Bracket
    The bottom and the back of body have stand hole, easy to install, secure and durable.
Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera

Easy Three Steps to Install

  1. Download Mi Home APP
  2. Connect power to XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera
  3. Open the App, add device, and then start using
Xiaomi XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera
  • XiaoVV Outdoor Panoramic Camera
  • User Manual
  • Power Adapter
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Tools & Screws Kit


Product Model


Product Measurement


Item Weight


Power Input


Viewing Angle



1920 x 1080



Operational Temperature

Minus 10°C ~ Plus 50°C

Video Coding Format


Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz

Storage Method

MicroSD Card (Up to 128G)

Compatible OS

Android 4.4 or IOS 9.0 & Above