Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

  • 360° Balanced Sound Effect
  • Intelligent Ai Assistant
  • Control more than 5,000 branded appliances
  • Strong coverage
  • Bluetooth Gateway
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Intelligent Speaker, also a smart controller

Xiaomi XiaoAi speaker is able to control more than 5000 branded appliances by Wifi, IR and Bluetooth

  • TV Set
  • Fan
  • Set Top Box
  • Air Condition

*Xiaomi speaker can only support brand and devices listed in the manual book.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Control Xiaomi Smart Devices

Just by saying a word Xiao Ai can turn on the TV to play your favorite TV program.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Strong Transmission Signal Coverage

It adopts special infrared projection material and has excellent infrared signal emission effect. The effective control distance of th line is about 10 meters which can effectively cover the home appliances in the same room.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Adjust to your desired channel

You can get rid of the complicated remote control and just adjust to your desired channel.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Bluetooth Gateway

You can connect more Bluetooth devices in your home with other smart devices.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Full and Delicate Sound

The self-developed "Crystal Wave" audio technology has an excellent experience that gives you a good sense of hearing.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

360° Balanced Sound Quality

It has stable sound, excellent high, medium and low frequency. It brings a full range of listening experience.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Music Library

You can listen to a large number of genuine music just by saying which music you like to be played next.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

A Good Assistant

You can set an alarm clock, check the weather, ask for road conditions even when you can't find your phone, you can still find for help.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Change according to your Preference

Feel free to set the type of songs you want. Customize to your needs.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Voice Calls

Elderly and Children can operate without any pressure.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

Communicate with Xiao Ai

A selection of high-sensitivity microphones, combined with advanced algorithm optimization, effectively reduces a variety of environmental noise disturbances and is more clear.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

More than 1400+ skills

It has more features. You can chat, play games, riddles, and chat with Microsoft XiaoIce. There will be a further update in the future.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker

AI ​​Training Program

You can also work with a number of trainers to add value to future AI.

Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker



1.5 inch full-range speaker

Infrared Control


Infrared Learning



2.4GHz, supporting IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol


BT4.1, support A2DP music playback

Support System

Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 or higher


Micro USB

Power Supply


Packing List
Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker
  • Speaker
  • Power Adapter
  • Intruction Manual