Xiaomi XiaoAi Bluetooth Speaker – Portable Version

Xiaomi XiaoAi Bluetooth Speaker

  • It has an intelligent voice control that will be activated with just one click.
  • Bright and undistorted sound quality makes conversations like interviews.

Light and exquisite, compact and portable

  • Sweatproof
  • Mini
  • Portable
  • 52g – Light weight
  • Navigation to national Conventional Center
  • Helps you take a picture
  • Intructing to turn the Aircon on

*only Xiaomi mobile phone can control smart home products.


Powerful Bass

With small diameter large magnetic circuit design, the low-frequency dive is better, and the bass performance is strong. With the DRC dynamic compression algorithm, the sound is bright and undistorted. With a petite figure, the ultra-high volume of stable output brings a shocking listening experience.



Built-in microphone, you can call without a mobile phone by simply pressing the bottom voice activation button. HD call, share happiness.


High speed bluetooth, wireless transmission

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Portable Edition supports Bluetooth 4.2, which is connected with high-speed stability and strong anti-interference ability. It can easily connect mobile phones, computers, TVs and other equipment.


Long Battery Life

With 480 mAh lithium battery, it can play for 4 hours continuously ensuring stable high-quality music output whether it is outdoors or indoors. In standby mode, standby can be up to 45 days.


Visible Quality

The top sound hole is designed with reference to the Fibonacci spiral, making the sound lines seem visible. The whole material is ABS+PC material, which is not easy to change colour and is not easy to be scratched.

Bluetooth version


Working distance

10 meters

Audio frequency range

200Hz~18kHz (-10dB)

Battery life

4 hours (70% volume)

Power supply mode

Built-in lithium battery

Battery capacity

3.7V, 480mAh