Xiaomi Viomi L1 Water Filter Kettle

Xiaomi Viomi L1 Water Filter Kettle

7-Stages Filter

It can effectively reduce scale deposit, residual chlorine and heavy metal.


UV light sterilization is safe and free from side effect. Drink fresh and clean water with electric kettle. Filtering time about 3 minutes.

Using the time of Filter Element

The replacement cycle of the filter: 6 weeks. Water purifier: 1.5L.


Made of food-grade AS and ABS material. The filter medium and cover can prevent the growth of bacteria.


Global selected high-quality filtering material for 6 weeks

Active carbon filters adopting LK natural coconut shell and UK sodium-free ion-exchange resin produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces, safer to use with the filter lifespan for 6 weeks usage.

  • LK natural coconut shell active carbon
  • UK sodium-free icon-exchange resin

Intelligent Filters lifespan Display

  • Antibacterial
  • Chlorine Removal
  • Reduce Limescale
  • Heavy Metal Reduction

Brand New 7 Multipurpose Filters

To reduce chlorine, limescale or impurities for odorless and antibacterial drinking


Large capacity of double flow design, reduce the time of waiting to 5 minutes


Easy to operate, convenient for pouring water.

Brand Name


Product weight

1.500 kg

Product size (L x W x H)

26.50 x 14.50 x 26.20 cm