Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

  • Increase air humidity and reduce dust and bacteria. Moisturizes the skin and gives you a feeling of SPA
  • Ultra-mini size, light weight: 420ml large capacity. Add water once and keep it moist for 10 hours without worrying about adding water
  • Intelligent anti-dry design: Use the probe to achieve physical anti-dry burning, the water level is lower than the probe position
  • Silent: Humidifier that does not affect sleep, 0 radiation, safe and reliable, both mother and baby can enjoy the moisturizing
  • Touch switch to switch, close in any gear for more than 2 seconds, the operation is very simple
  • Support waterless automatic shutdown function, smart touch switch, USB plug power supply, low DC 5V input voltage, safe and reliable
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier
  • 420ml large capacity
  • Continuous spray mode
  • Intermittent spray mode
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

Nano-level mist

Nano-level atomization, atomizing water into micron molecules, turning into a fine mist that easily penetrates the skin directly to the bottom layer, leaving the skin infiltrated and translucent.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

800 mesh atomizer

With the upgraded to 800 mesh atomizer, the amount of mist sprayed is very high ensuring sufficient moisturizing effect and the water mist will not flow back to the table.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

Touch Switch Design

Switch off for more than 2 seconds in any gear positon.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

Smart Anti-dry

The water level is lower than probe position and the power is automatically cut off to ensure safety.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

2 spray patterns

Default continuous spray mode, moisture for 10 hours. Spray for 3 seconds and moisturize for 24 hours.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier

Silent Moisturizing, No radiation

Humidifier that does not affect sleep, 0 radiation, safe and reliable.

Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier
  • Water storage reminder
  • 3 Level protection
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier
  • Screw the lid to add water
  • Convenient to clean
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier
  1. Rotate the cover counterclockwise
  2. Add water, taking care not to exceed the (MAX) water line
  3. Turn counterclockwise to unscrew the cotton tube
  4. Thoroughly wet the cotton swab, insert the cotton swab tube and tighten clockwise
  5. Align the snaps and slots and tighten the cover clockwise
  6. Turn on the USB power gently, touch the metal ball, 2s boot
Xiaomi VH Desk Humidifier






Humidification capacity

30 – 35mL / h