Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

  • Full screen high screen-to-body ratio
  • HD resolution with excellent display quality
  • Smart home control center easily control various smart devices
  • Smart content recommendation
  • Various content that meet everyone’s need in the house
  • DTS Decoder provides high quality sound conversion
  • Multi-core processor, smooth & no lags
  • Large internal storage capacity

*The TV includes advertisements during power on, off, etc. Advertisement video is not allowed to be deleted, changed, or to control the content of a third-party advertising video.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Slim Edge Full-Screen Design

High resolution, display & audio quality that delivers incredible viewing experiences. Fullscreen slim edge TV that has a high resolution which brings finer & clearer image quality, integrating the high-performance speakers and DTS decoder.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Screen-fitting technology

The TV has a firm body that does not have any flickering.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Bigger Screen

XiaoMi full-screen TV no longer needs a border, it is now almost just a screen. The borderless design has a higher screen ratio to create better immersion which brings you a unique enjoyable wide & borderless viewing experience.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Anti-static Technology

It can safeguard the cables, eliminate the trouble caused by static electricity and gives you a stable, safe and secure TV.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Slimmer TV body

It has shortened the backlit distance to create a slimmer TV, and not affecting the resolution, presents you a ‘good looking’ TV.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

HD resolution TV

HD resolution that brings you an expanded borderless view and shows delicate details on the screen.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C


  • AI-enable TV System
  • Not Only For Entertainment
  • But also the Smart Home Controlling Center
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Smart Home Devices

You can view and control smart home appliances with a shortcut function by holding the home button. XiaoMi TV is a large screen hub for smart home devices, which can not only control but also receive alerts from appliances.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Smart Home Display Screensaver

Check on your smart home appliances when TV is not in use, enjoy the conveniences that smart life brings to you in every moment.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Knows your preference

Massive content provides you infinite choices according to your preferences, shortens the time to filter the content. Smart TV can not only control your household appliances but also know what you like.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Huge amount of content choices

You are allowed to watch the latest updated dramas, competitions, and animations. XiaoMi TV meets the needs of every family member. In addition, there are various applications available for download, TV is more than just watching.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Only here to entertain you

With a variety of connection ways, integrating a high performance processor, and large storage capacity. In the pursuit of perfection, XiaoMi TV also pursues a richer form of the product. This is a TV that can be not only a display device, a smart home controlling center, a big-screen gaming console or gaming monitor for any type of other game consoles. XiaoMi TV has many connection ports that allow you to connect your TV with a variety of devices, to meet your entertainment needs.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Connect Easily

With multiple ports available such as HDMI, USB ports, XiaoMi TV allows you to upgrade your fun time needs. You can easily connect computers, game consoles, speakers or audio hardware.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Smart Enjoyable Life

XiaoMi TV has a slim display that integrates with a quad-core high-performance processor. The strong core gives you a smoother experience, leads you a no waiting and no lag.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

1G+4G - Large Storage Capacity

It allows you to install more applications, integrating a high-performance processor, which brings you more fun and entertainment.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Support WIFI Wireless Connection

Easy for smartphone mirroring, which makes you more immersive in playing a game, and have a bigger screen to watch the drama.

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

1366 x 768



Viewing Angle


Refresh Rate


Processor & Storage

Arm Advanced Multi-Core up to 1.5GHz


Arm Advanced Multi-Core GPU

RAM Capacity


Storage Memory


Wireless Settings



Not Supporting



Connectivity Features & No. of Ports

2 (Including 1 ARC)



DTMB Analog Signal






Analog Audio Output S/PDIF


Video Features
Build-in Player

Build-in Mi-Player, support video formats such as RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, etc.

Video Decoder

Support Real, MPEG1/2/4, H.264, etc.

Audio Decoder

DTS-HD audio decoder

Speaker Output

2 x 5 W

Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Note: The radius and length of screw varies with different model of products, to avoid internal damage of the product, a same model of tv mount rack is recommended.

Power Features & Operating Environment

220V~ 50/60Hz



Energy Efficiency

Level 3

Operation Temperature

0°C ~ 40°C


20% ~ 80%

Storage Temperature

Minus 15°C ~ 40°C

Relative Humidity


Power Consumption


Energy Efficientcy Label
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C
Operating System
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Patchwall is a smart OS which provides more contents, and makes personalised recommendations based on user preferences with a minimalist MIUI interface design.

Build-in Application
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Game Center
HD Player
TV Manager
App Store

Smart Linking Function
Xiaomi TV 32Inch E32C

Xiaomi Water Purifier
Xiaomi Router
Xiaomi Camera
Xiaomi Air Purifier
Xiaomi Smart Sockets
Mi Band

Package Contents
Display Screen




Installation Manual


Remote Controller

Infrared Remote Control

Screws Pack



2 AAA Battery