Xiaomi SWDK Cordless Dust Mite Vacuum

  • 8000 beats/min high-frequency beats to form a strong vibration and locusts hidden in the bed bugs are all cleaned out.
  • 6000Pa suction power which can sweep out locusts. It also has a brushless suction head to prevent the fabric from being scratched and twisted during the process.
  • With UV-C quartz glass UV lamp, through the transmission of aphids and other harmful organisms to achieve the bactericidal effect.
  • No power cable winding, wireless design to avoid security risks which can achieve flexible operation.
  • Precision mute motor, multiple noise reduction, achieve as low as 65dB.
  • It is equipped with a charging stand which is both an energy station and storage station.
  • Wireless handheld
  • High-frequency Beat
  • Strong Suction
  • High-frequency Beat
  • Strong Suction
  • UV Clean MITE
  • Durable Life

Locust Damage Is An Invisible Killer Inhalation allergens, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, etc. are mostly related to it. Beds, pillows, stuffed toys, etc. are all suitable for locust breeding. and it is difficult to eradicate them.


First 8000/min high-frequency flaps

to remove the bedding’s dust and mite


Second 6000pa strong suction

detailed with the swirling air, absorb the dust and mite


Third: With UV-C Quartz Glass UV Lamp

Through the transmission of aphids and other harmful organisms to achieve the bactericidal effect.


Built-in Battery, Abandonthe Power Cable

Just need 2.5 hours, fully charging and enjoy a 25 minutes acarus killing. No need to be bothered with the mess of power cable.


Brushless tips to prevent twisting

reduce terry, hair and other winding problems


Side power indicator light detailed with flap indicator light, reflects the use condition in time.


Triple filter intercepts emissions

and the secondary emission interception rate of the whole machine reaches 99.97%

  • HEPA Filter
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Rear Sponge Filter


Brand Name


Battery capacity


Filter Method

Stainless steel filter + HEPA + Post-sponge

Vacuum Degree

Greater than or equal to 6000pa

Charging time


Motor speed

About 31000r/min

Dust Cup Capacity

About 0.4L