Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earbuds – Youth Edition

13.6g Lightweight

Lighter than the Xiaomi Bluetooth Music Sports Earbuds Mini Edition. Portable to carry. Comfortable to wear while running. You can enjoy relax and pleasure sport.

IPX4 Waterproof

IPX4 waterproof, no worry about your sweat during sports would damage the earphone. Anti-shedding sports ear design, not easy to fall off

Copper Voice Coil and Ultra-thin Diaphragm

The metal composite diaphragm makes the sound effect more stable, effectively reducing the sound distortion and allowing you to experience more realistic music

Long lasting working hours

The built-in 120mAh battery provides up to 11 hours of music playback or 8 movies

Bluetooth 4.1 technology


Micro-tilt motion ear top

According to the large-scale data research on the human ear canal, which combined with ergonomics, we designed a 58-degree micro-tilted sports ear for the Youth Edition of Xiaomi Sports Headphones. This design can better fit the contour of the ear, effectively fixing the earphones, not easy to fall off and making the movement more free.


360 Degree rotation, more comfortable to wear


13.6g lightweight body

In order to pursue a lighter feel on the ear, we optimize the components of the headphones to reduce the weight on the ear. The whole machine weighs only 13.6g, which is lighter than the Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Headset Mini, allowing you to enjoy every moment.


Audio and Video in 11 hours

At the condition of full power, Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earbuds – Youth Edition has a battery life of up to 11 hours, allowing music to last forever. It allows you to watch up to 8 movies and lets you enjoy a musical feast.

* 11 hours of battery life is measure when playing at medium volume and the battery life is about 6 hours when played at maximum volume. To prevent hearing damage caused by excessive volume, select a medium volume. The actual battery life will vary depending on the volume of the headphones and the environment.


IPX4 Waterproof, no fear of sweat

* tested by a third-party laboratory, the headphone is splash-proof and the waterproof level is IPX4, but the waterproof plug of the charging port must be closed. The waterproof of the earphone performance may be degraded by daily wear and tear and damage due to immersion in liquids is not covered by the warranty.


Composite structure acoustics, restore true sound quality

  1. Copper voice coil unit
  2. Equipped with 10MM strong magnetic moving coil unit, the high-quality copper enameled wire in the moving coil can effectively optimize the medium and low audio quality, showing a delicate, clear and transparent sound quality.

  3. PET ultra-thin horn diaphragm
  4. PET diaphragm can make vibration and vocalization achieve a more stable effect, effectively reducing the low-voice distortion for you to clearly present the rich layering in the song, let each note goes straight to the atrium.


Multi-Function remote control for easy operation

Three button design, simple to achieve a variety of functions, easy to blind control.

  • Volume adjustment
  • Switch song
  • Calling little love
  • Play/Pause
  • Answer/Reject
  • Headset pairing
  • Power on/off
  • Three-way calling

MEMS silicon microphone

MEMS silicon microphones are widely used in high-tech products such as smartphones and smartwatches. It is small in size, strong stability and has excellent anti-noise performance, which can effectively improve the quality of the call and make the sound clearer.


Delicate piece, matte reflective

The earphones are treated with high-gloss, combined with the reverse-spraying technology, which can show a warm luster under the light, allowing you to appreciate the different beauty.

  • CVC digital noise reduction
  • Automatic Connection back to the phone
  • 10m effective connection
  • low radiation call
  • Low power transmission
  • Smart one for two

5 Pairs of silicone ear caps

Five different sizes of silicone ear caps are available to match the headphones according to different scenarios such as sports and music. Enclosed-ear caps (music) are enclosed and designed to enhance the sound of the sound field and allow you to enjoy more musical details.

  1. Headset
  2. Charging cable
  3. Closed earmuffs
  4. User’s Guide
  5. Anti-Auscultation Earmuffs



Sport Bluetooth Hearbuds

Battery type

Lithium ion polymer battery

Charging time

About 2 hours

Battery capacity


Product Weight


Product Dimensions

445 × 80 × 26mm

Package Weight