Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

  • Curved, hypoallergenic and stainless steel blade.
  • System of rotating blades for an effective cut of our nose and ear hair overcultivated.
  • Wireless operation, convenient and safe.
  • Soft, the motor provides a fast and painless movement.
  • Eliminates the traditional need for scissors to eliminate the nostril and the hair of the ear, greater security provided.
  • Rotating blade system with a circular blade action that effectively grind overgrown hair from the nose or wall of the ear.
  • The head of the safety cone guides the hair towards the blade and protects the skin from direct contact.
  • Rubber sliding switch on / off, easy to grip.
Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer
  • Multiple uses
  • Double row of blades efficient shaving
  • Precision cutter gear will not pull
Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Precision cutter gear

It will not pull the hair and not make you bleed Small pitch between teeth, less hair entering, enough power to ensure hair removal between teeth. Enough power to ensure hair removal between teeth, prevent excess hair from pulling and causing bleeding.

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Special Design

The hair guide groove design allows easy entry of hair, double row of blades is specially designed. The top blade is rounded to handle contact with the skin

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Multiple Uses

Adjust the right angle with a small lightweight cutter head, Trim excess hair that affects the facial image. Meet everyday needs. Reshape your charm.

  • Trim nose hair
  • Trim ear hair
  • Trim hair on the temples
Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Easy to carry, Trim anytime

Small size and lightweight can be placed in a suitcase or washing bag.

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

IPX5 Waterproof

Rinse after use, convenient and sanitary.

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Non-slip handle

Back texture combined with a smooth surface. It has a comfortable grip and does not slip trimming time.

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer

Safe and energy saving

10 minutes of power off protection. When booting due to the wrong operation, the power will be cut off immediately after 10 minutes. It ensures energy and environmental protection.

Xiaomi Soocas Nose Trimmer
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Rated Voltage


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Waterproof Rating


Product Weight

76g (with battery)