Xiaomi Soocas Kids Electric Toothbrush
  • Funny cartoon APP attracts children’s attention, teaches them to brush their teeth
  • Timely pressure induction protects children’s teeth from damage
  • Waterproof design to clean direct after use
  • With a replaceable cartoon pattern
  • Interative Teaching
  • Healthy cleaning mode
  • Immediate pressure induction
  • Food grade material

Interative Game Stimulation

Children will get rewards after brushing every time from the special game in APP, which also teaches kids knowledge about fruits. The unique design arouses their interest of brushing teeth.


Food grade brush head

Soft, poisonless and tasteless, protects babies’ gingiva, brings kids comfortable, safe and healthy brushing experience


Soocas children toothbrush comes with the function of pressure detection. When the brushing is too hard, the red indicator light on the toothbrush keeps blinking and the vibration frequency changes instantly and with the continuous sound. Then the toothbrush can facilitate the presence to protect the young teeth of the baby.


Two cleaning modes

  • Gentle mode : Suitable for the kids at older ages and who can brush their teeth by themselves
  • Care / Low-frequency: Suitabke for training kids to brush

IPX7 Waterproof Standard

With a waterproof main body and bottom, the toothbrush can be cleaned directly after being used.


Charge once, 20 days use

With 800mAh battery capacity, it is enough to use for about 20 days.


Xiaomi Soocas

Product weight

0.1060 kg

Package weight

0.2630 kg

Product size (L x W x H)

16.00×2.50×2.40 cm / 6.3×0.98×0.94 inches

Package size (L x W x H)

22,50×7,40×6,20 cm / 8,86×2,91×2,44 inches