Xiaomi Single Dog Statue

Xiaomi Single Dog Statue

The animal-patron of 2018 is the Dog. The ruling color for this year will be yellow, and the element will be Earth. According to eastern astrologers, the character of the Dog is not easy, so to attract luck and prosperity, put a bronze statue of a dog in your apartment or office. The original bronze statue decorates the interior and dispels evil spirits, and the silhouette of the porcelain sculpture of the 18th century, which became a prototype for the figurine, will give the room a sophisticated individuality.


Noble hunting dogs brought the emperor good luck

On February 16, 2018, a new year came under the Chinese calendar, with the dog being the protector of animals. The ruling color for this year will be yellow, and the element will be Earth. According to eastern astrologers, the character in Dogs is not easy, but the number of positive qualities significantly exceeds the number of negative. Use the TONGSHIFU Dog Statue Brown to draw your prosperity to your home or office, and drive away evil spirits.


Guan Fu Museum of Art

Original porcelain figurines are located at the Guan Fu Museum of Art. The museum, founded in 1996, became the first private museum in China. Over the past 20 years, he has opened local halls, such as Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and have collected prominent examples of traditional culture.


Porcelain figurines of the dogs of Emperor Chianglong were created in the 18th century – during the flowering of porcelain craftsmanship. The ease and naturalness of the Emperor’s figurines inspired the studio TONGSHIFU to create a bronze statue that brings prosperity. The work was highly appreciated by the founder and general manager of Xiaomi Lei Jun.


Good luck and protection

The statue is made of high-quality bronze, which was cast on an old recipe. The work was completed through 60 operations, including numerous engraving, polishing, and painting. Special technology of high-temperature painting and “wax” polishing give the statuette a wonderful chocolate tint. The surface of the sculpture has a noble matte shine.


Compact Dimensions

The statue is made on a scale of 1: 1 with the famous original – porcelain dogs of Tsjonglun. The size of the figurine is about 9 cm in length, about 6 cm in width, about 15 cm in height, and in pure weight – 700 g. Such small sizes allow it to be placed in the living room, office, bedroom, office and other places. Traditionally, the dog must look at the door to bring success, prosperity and drive away evil spirits.


A card that brings good luck

Included with a bronze statue is a card of traditional paper, which shows characters and labels that bring good luck. When you can not take a statuette with you – take the card, and you will surely smile for luck.



Net weight

700 grams

Package size

109cm * 7.9cm * 17.1cm

Applicable place

Living room, Entrance, Study, Bedroom and office