Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Drawstring disposable garbage bag

  • Drawstring opening
  • Able to carry heavy loads
  • Safe and environmental friendly
  • Creative look
  • Tear resistant
  • Pack: 90 pieces in 3 rolls
  • Box: 180 pieces in 6 rolls
Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Drawstrings garbage bag that holds the trash in for disposable.

Whether at home or at work, there is always a lot of garbage to be disposed of. With creative text on the bag, automatic drawstring design and high loading capacity, you are able to throw away garbage and those worries.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Stay trendy with creative text appearance.

Happy life garbage bag has unique expressions and phrases on it. With texts like "chicken soup", "bad luck" and "negative energy", the bags look more distinctive and trendy, allowing you to also release your emotions while creating a clean living space for yourself.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Automatic drawstring opening to keep garbage in.

With drawstring design at the opening, you can pack garbage more quickly and conveniently with a pull. The automatic drawstring not only ensure the garbage is held firmly inside, it can also prevent stains on your hands when packing. This really is an essential for a clean house.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Environmentally friendly and safe, as it is made of HDPE environmental protection material.

With the environmentally friendly HDPE material, it is non-toxic, odourless, safe and secure. Dense and nonporous, the garbage bag can handle almost all kinds of domestic waste. Plus, the bag is also recyclable.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Strong and able to hold heavy loads and prevents water leakage.

Its high strength and toughness comes from the three-layered design. It is able to resist tearing and punctures while ensuring no leaks that you have to worry about.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Large capacity for a day of garbage.

It is 286mm in diameter, more than enough to contain a day's garbage.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Locks odour and prevents diffusion that may pollute your fresh air or clean space.

You will face this problem whenever you want to throw garbage. If there is too little, it is a waste of garbage bags. But if there is too much piling up, there will be a foul smell. This garbage bag is nonporous and is able to seal tightly with its drawstring function. It will trap the odour in so that you can enjoy fresh air.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

Multi-purpose and multi-functional.

This bag is easy to use and can also be used as a shopping bag, a storage bag or a grocery bag. No matter the occasion, it is designed to suit your lifestyle.

Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag
  • Even ends for separting
  • Easy to tear between pieces
  • Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag
  • Designed to shrink freely
  • Convenient and hassle-free
  • Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag
  • Hidden pores for simplicity
  • Expels air and prevents breakage
  • Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag
  • Creative font designs
  • Complementing your emotions
  • Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag

    Hello Life product series with the drawstring garbage bag and trash can.

    Only 3 steps for a quick and easy disposal of garbage.



    Xiaomi Hello Life Garbage Bag



    30 pieces per roll, 3 rolls per bag, 6 rolls per box


    High density polyethylene PE-HD

    Shelf life

    2 years