Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

  • Get rid of diapers
    Prepare a safe and secure toilet to help your baby master the toilet skills.
  • Three-in-one, step-by-step toilet training
    The split design makes a low upholstered seat as well. It can be assembled or used according to the baby’s different growth stages.
  • Comfortable seat
    It is ergonomic and fits the baby’s size on the seat. It is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly EVA resin and is made by high-speed foaming technology.
  • Easy to be cleaned
    It is 9.5cm deep and has a large capacity tank, which is made of high-quality PP material. It has a split structure, flexible and is convenient clean
  • Full body detachable
    Each component can be cleaned independently, saving time and effort.
  • Anti-splashing from fluid design
    The anterior convex heightening splash-proof groove design effectively blocks the splashing of urine. Its is suitable for both male and female babies.
Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Get rid of diapers

Help your child get rid of diapers and be more confident to head to the toilet independently.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

3 ways to cater to your needs

It caters to different needs during different stages of growth.

  • Children Potty
  • Potty Seat
  • Stool
Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Soft and Comfortable

Ergonomic, suitable for baby buttocks as it uses non-toxic environmental protection through high-speed foaming technology.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Easy to clean

It has 9.5cm depth, made of high-quality PP material. It is easy to be clean as well.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Stable Base

After flipping the base, it can be used as a stepping stool, suitable for washing hands and brushing teeth.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Prevent from fluid splash

You do not need to worry about your child making a mess as it blocks the fluid from splashing outside of the desired area. Both boys and girls will be able to use.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Can be disassembled

Each component can be cleaned independently saving time and energy.

  1. Seat Mat
  2. Potty
  3. Base
Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty

Round Apperance

It comes in two colors, blue and pink. It can be paired with different home styles.

Xiaomi QBORN Children Potty


Model Number


Product Weight

About 1 Kg

Package Dimensions

352 x 295 x 230 mm

Product Colour

Blue and Pink

Suitable Age

Children's Toilet Seat Use: 12-36Months
Used With Adult Toilets: 36-60 Months