Opple LED Downlight

Opple LED Downlight

  • Bright & soft
  • Pure high CRI
  • No noticeable stroboscopic effect
  • Simple & fit in everywhere
Opple LED Downlight
  • 2 Optional light colour
  • Selected high quality LED chip
  • PMMA transparent mask
Opple LED Downlight

Elegant & durable aluminium material downlight

Selection of high-quality aluminum material, which has good corrosion resistance, stronger durability, with elegant fashionable look with the matte fine surface.

Opple LED Downlight

PC Material Downlight

The body of the lamp is made of PC material with high quality and corrosion resistance, high heat dissipation, safe and durable. Opple LED downlight is a practical choice, good value for money with affordable price.

Opple LED Downlight

Hide the lights and light up the space

Opple LED downlight is small in size but able to enhance the overall space integration, applicable flexibly anywhere at home, such as living room, background wall, cabinet, corridor, aisle, entrance, etc. Warm or bright two choices of light mode, create a delicate space at home.

Opple LED Downlight

120° large angle broad and bright light

Opple dimmable LED downlight has not only bright and soft light but also 120° large-angle light beam, covers a wide area. Under a reasonable distance arrangement, the balance of the light naturally, make the space brighter and comfortable.

*Installation instructions: it is recommended to install downlight with a spacing of 1-2 meters.

Opple LED Downlight

Pure & High Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Dim light makes people sleepy, Opple dimmable LED downlight has CRI ≥ 80 Ra, gives you a natural light source, illuminating paintings, and photos on the wall, make furniture dazzling at home.

  • High CRI
  • Low CRI
Opple LED Downlight

Warm or Fashionable

Different colors give different vibes to space, bright warm light gives a soft color, and white light is refreshing and bright, to meet your needs of different vibes for space.

  • Warm bright colour soft light
  • White refreshing bright light
Opple LED Downlight

Suitable for different scenes and spaces

Opple dimmable LED downlight has a sleek round design, with white and silver two choices of color, flexible to match with all kinds of different space design, integrate into your home, and bring the space layered lighting.

Opple LED Downlight
Opple LED Downlight
Opple LED Downlight

Gentle care to your family

With the selected stable drive and LED chip, Opple dimmable LED downlight controls the stroboscopic effect invisible with naked eyes, which provide uniform light, gives softer, natural visual, safe and secure to your family.

Opple LED Downlight

Selected LED chip, effective energy saving and durable

The high quality LED chips to provide Opple downlight a bright light illumination and ensure the durability of the use of light source and effective stability. Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp, LED light is more energy-effective.

Opple LED Downlight
  • PMMA Optical Lens
    Hight light transmittance brings bright and soft light.
  • Powerful Spring Clip
    High durability with rust-proof
  • Smart constant current drive
    Short circuit protection with stable voltage
Opple LED Downlight
  1. Use a professional hole saw and cut a hole on ceiling with diameter 7-8cm.
  2. Follow the instructions in the user manual to connect the wires with the lamps.
  3. Manually fasten the spring on both ends at right angle and insert the light into the hole.
  4. Put the spring clips down on both sides, installation is complete.
Opple LED Downlight


Control Method

Wall Switch

Light Colour

White and Bright warm


3 W

Cut Out Size



Aluminium Version
-Body Diameter 8.8cm
-Height 4.1cm
PC Version
-Body Diameter 9.2cm
-Height 5.2cm

Ring Colour

Aluminium version - Silver/ White
PC version - White


Aluminium version
-Aluminium ring + PC
PC version
-Polycarbonate PC

Voltage Frequency


Applicable Space

Living room, cabinet, shopping mall, hotel, office, etc.

Covered Area

Focus, partial, decorative lightings