Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

  • AI Smart Private Trainer
  • Effectively Lose Fat
  • Knee Protection
  • Data Manager
  • Fun Multi-level Courses for Free
Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Burn Fats More Effectively

45 Minutes of cycling Equals to 1.5 Hours of Running. Bicycle riding is one of the most popular cardio exercises in the west, it burns fat effectively. Keep working out and you can maintain your body figure without stepping out from your home.

*45 minutes of riding burns 52 calories, which is equal to 3 bowls of rice.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

AI calculation, your private trainer

During a workout, we use AI calculation efficiently and intelligently test your athletic ability (FTP), accurately identify individual’s exercise limit, adjust the difficulty of your course in real-time, and even provide immediate conversational professional guidance, make the amount of exercise more scientifically reasonable, prevent sports injuries, and avoid inefficient workout.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Comprehensive Monitoring and Growth Recording

AI can analyze your output power, pace stability, work out intensity distribution and other information in real-time, intelligently generate a scientific evaluation. It continuously tracks individual’s ability growth, makes workout progress be viewed at a glance.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Hands-free and Hassle-free

The friction or magnetron resistance is different from the traditional exercise bike. Innovative smart motor-generator technology can automatically and accurately adjust the resistance. Concentrate your workout and let us do the strength adjustment.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Fun Cycling Course & Game Content

There are a lot of workout courses including interesting map cycling, professional trainer video guide, fat burning, perseverance, power, etc. Every course that you can expect is available for FREE. The application will upgrade from time to time, improve your health by taking your ‘fresh’ step!

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Get better-toned body without stepping out of your front door

The high rebound support body weight, effectively reduce the burden on your legs to protect your knees. No impaction on the floor, no interfering with neighbors, and workout at home without any hassles.

  • Ergonomic Bike Frame
  • High Rebound Seat Cushion
  • Adjust the Height - Fast & Easy
Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Lightweight Design, Space Saving, Suitable For Small Space

Small in size, occupies less than half a meter square on the floor, suitable for smaller house, save more space at home.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike

Unique Detail Design, Convenient, Safe & Secure

  • LED Digital Display, Torque, Pace, Power and Time
  • Convenient Mobile Stand
  • Fully Covered,Prevent Getting Trapped
  • Prevent Muscle Strain or Injuries
  • Charging While Working Out
  • Multi-function Controller,Turn to Adjust Resistance

*NEXGIM workout application is needed to utilise the functions above.

Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike
Xiaomi NEXGIM AI Smart Exercise Bike


Damping System

Smart Motor Unit

Resistance Range


Connection Method

Bluetooth 5.0


LED Digital Display

Resistance Adjustment

Multi-function Controller


Fully Freewheel Mechanism

Data Collection

Pace, Power

Power Accuracy



1210 * 880 * 505mm


28 KG

Area Dimensions

Around 0.45-meter square