Xiaomi Mijia Walkie Talkie 1S
  • 43% lighter than the previous generation, built-in back clip, one hand handling.
  • 2190mAh big capacity battery, micro-USB charging design.
  • Not only support 3.5mm earphone but support Bluetooth headset with dual-mode Bluetooth chip.
  • High-performance speaker.
  • It has a maximum power of 3W and a call distance of 1-5 kilometers.
  • Even if there is no internet, you can share your location with your friends by APP.
  • LED lattice screen, simple and intelligent, clearly visible.
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Location Share
  • Up to 16 Hours Battery Life
  • FM Radio

Pack up, explore unknown areas with friends

In order to meet the call needs in a variety of scenarios. Xiaomi Mijia Walkie talkie 1S has a maximum of 3W power, and the call distance can reach 1-5km. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a rock climbing, whether it’s a city ride or a suburban jog, it can be used normally.


Call needs

In order to meet the call needs in a variety of scenarios, Xiaomi Mijia 1s has a maximum power of 3w and a call distance of 1-5 kilometers.


Newly designed speaker, listen more clearly

In order to achieve clearer and louder call sounds, the Xiaomi Mijia walkie-talkie 1S uses a speaker that is 65% larger than the effective radiation area of the previous generation, and the maximum volume is increased by 162%. In a noisy environment, you can still maintain a good call.

  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Dual mode Bluetooth

Bluetooth headset support

Xiaomi Mijia walkie’talkie 1s not only supports the tarditional 3.5mm . headphone jack, but also uses a dual-mode Bluetooth chip, which can be connected to a Bluetooth headset, allowing you to let go outdoors.


LED Dot Matrix Screen, Simple and Intelligent, clearly Visible



Product size

54 x 21 x 160mm (including back clip thickness)

Product net weight


Product gross weight


Battery capacity

2190mAh ( 8.3Wh )

Rated voltage