Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

  • Smart Home APP Remote Switch Support Mi AI Speaker Voice Control
  • Can be used with Xiaomi AI speaker, Xiaomi AI Speaker Mini, through the “Xiaoai Tongxue” voice control
  • 360° omnidirectional control
  • Distance control within 10 meters
  • Special Material
  • 13 meters of linear IR distance
  • Timing Switch
  • Black lighting of mirror piano stoving varnish
Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Voice-activated appliances, smart and convenient

  • Supports "Xiao Ai Tong Xue" Connectivity
  • Remote APP control
  • Time switch
  • 360 degree omnidirectional control
  • Covers 6000+ mainstream appliances
  • Infrared enhanced projection material
Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Your mouth controls everything, making your traditional home appliances become smart.

Through the linkage with "Xiao Ai Tong Xue" APP, it supports voice control for your appliances, switch appliances and start life scenes. For example, "turn the TV volume down", "turn on the air conditioning heating mode", etc. allowing your traditional home appliances to become a smart gadget!

Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

With "Xiao Ai Tong Xue" APP, your voice controls your appliances.

It works with Xiaomi AI speaker, Xiaomi Mijia Xiaobai smart camera (enhanced version), Xiaomi Xiao Ai touch screen speaker, Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker MINI and other products used together, through the "Xiao Ai Tong Xue" voice control home infrared appliances.

*Other products mentioned are each sold separately.

Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Time switch makes your life easier

In the "Mijia APP", add scenes and startup time, choose the remote control mode of the Mijia universal remote control, you can automatically turn off the air conditioner or TV, and feel the convenience brought by the latest technology.

Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Sophisticated and simple, full of technology

Cylindrical shape, simple and stylish, smooth and shiny surface, perfect match with
your TV, air conditioner and other electrical appliances, with a sense of modern technology.

Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Massive remote control library, rich distribution method

In addition to controlling the smart devices linked with Xiao Ai, the MiJia Universal Remote Control has a large number of infrared code libraries, covering 6000+ mainstream brands of home appliances, convenient and quick adaptation, no longer need to worry about not finding the remote control.

  • Support more than 6,000 brands
  • Built-in more than 80,000 remote control data
  • Cloud storage of massive remote control data
  • Device brand matching
  • Interactive match addition
  • Remote control via mobile
Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller

Structural optimization, performance improvement 360 degree omnidirectional control

With 360 degree omnidirectional infrared emission angle, access full control out of the surrounding space in the same space.

Distance control within 13 meters

13 meters straight infrared distance, 13 meters from the line distance without blocking infrared appliances can be effectively controlled.

Unique material

Black infrared projection material, effectively reducing diffuse reflection and increasing infrared penetration rate.

Xiaomi Mijia Universal IR Remote Controller



100 x 100 x 26 (mm)


DC 5V/1A

Working Temperature

Minus 10 degrees ~ 50 degress

Infrared Frequency




WiFi Protocol

WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz