Xiaomi Mijia Colour Ribbon & Photo Paper

Xiaomi Mijia Colour Ribbon & Photo Paper

Print with a wide color range without any interruption.


Special ribbon restores wide color

The special high-density dye ribbon of Mijia ensures the restoration of a wide color range, with special photographic paper, and vivid colors on the paper. The higher density of black reproduction makes the photo hierarchy more distinct, the dark details are more abundant and the texture is more transparent.


Sublimation dye, Ribbon without ink

Using the dye-sublimation dye ribbon printing technology, the ribbon dye is transferred to the photo paper by 256 stage temperature-controlled heating. The whole process of printing without liquid ink is stable and reliable.


Automatic photo film

  • Splash water
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Anti-fingerprint

Supplemental photo paper

  1. Open the carton, cover along the top gap
  2. Put the photo face up in the paper tray
  3. Close the carton cover

Replace the ribbon

  1. Pull the ribbon door open.
  2. Move the pick up, the old ribbon will pop up automtically, remove the old ribbon.
  3. Insert a new ribbon. Clamp it and close the ribbon compartment door.


Photo size paper

100 x 148mm

Number of ribbons

Print 40 photos

Number of papers

20 sheets x 2