Xiaomi Mijia Auto Washing Foam Dispenser

Xiaomi Mijia Auto Washing Foam Dispenser

  • 99.9% Anti-Bacteria
  • IR Sensor
  • 0.25 Dispensing time

Micron-rich abundance foam penetrates into pores for deep cleansing

Reasonable control of the foaming ratio of gas to liquid to 12: 1 [ 2 ] , and then through the micro-aperture bipolar separation foam screen, the foam formed is stereoscopic and has strong adhesion.
The delicate, dense foam provides a better coverage of the skin’s epidermis, reaching into tiny pores for deep cleansing.


Effective inhibition of daily bacterial
inhibition rate up to 99.9%

The authoritative laboratory test proves that it can effectively inhibit the common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, and the inhibition rate is as high as 99.9%, which effectively protects the health of the family.

A slightly acidic formula that is close to the skin pH [ 4 ] mild and skin-friendly

Using a slightly acidic formula that is close to the pH of the human skin, long-term use will not damage the skin’s pH balance, but also make the hands soft and smooth. It is added with hydrating and moisturizing function and is prepared from natural oils and fats. The texture is mild.


Natural plant extracts, fresh and pleasant, antibacterial, moisturizing, two optional

The fragrance contains French LMR natural plant extracts. The Mijia automatic washing mobile phone set comes standard with hand sanitizer for antibacterial, and the moisturizing amino acid model needs to be purchased separately.



Effectively inhibits daily bacteria and provides healthy and safe care for the family. The scent is a floral fragrant berry with a fresh citrus scent. The rich layer makes the scent more youthful while pampering as if it is a pleasant and refreshing holiday.

Top notes:
Green apple, berry, lemon

Body scent:
Rose, jasmine, bergamot

Bottom fragrance:


Amino acid

Natural coconut oil is used as raw material, and the texture is mild. Special amino acid raw materials are added, and the long-lasting moisturizing is not tight. The scent is composed of Qingrun Linglan intertwined with a sweet orange flower aroma, the texture is mild, the fruity hydration and freshness set off a watery rhyme, which is a pleasure and happiness.

Top notes:
Linglan, orange blossom, citrus

Body scent:
Pear, apple, cucumber

Bottom fragrance:
Peruvian incense


Reasonable foaming, one bottle is used longer

The amount of foaming is reasonably controlled, and the abundance of foam is easier to rinse while the hands are clean, and the foam has no residue. The 320mL high-capacity design can be used up to 400 times for a family to use for 50 days.


Miniature high-efficiency motor with
low power consumption and quieter

The selected micro-efficient motor and its rubber damping structure not only have high foaming efficiency but it is also not disturbed by noise during use. The intelligent light-sensing design also reduces power consumption, and the four-cell, the five-cell battery can satisfy the family for 9 months.

  • Small size, free installation
  • Splashproof water
  • Environmentally friendly material

Develop a good habit of washing hands with the World Health Organization

  • Induction bubble
  • Hand palm
  • Ten fingers crossed
  • Hand palm
  • Turn the thumb
  • Finger tip
  • Washed with water


Induction Distance


Battery type

AA battery (batteries are not included)


Xiaomi Mijia


73 * 98 * 190mm



Rated voltage

6 V