Xiaomi MIIIW Hardware Tools

Xiaomi MIIIW Hardware Tools

  • Red Dot Product Design Award
  • 6 + 2 Utility toolbox
  • Safe and durable

Lasted two years of craftsmanship

It has set a strict goal of pursuing high quality from the beginning of the project.


Double headed hammer that knocks on the sharps

It is made of PU material and hardness carbon steel. The hammer handle adopts TPE skin-friendly non-slip material which can relieve the impact force generated by tapping and the hand feels comfortable.


Three-way adjustable ratchet screwdriver

It can change direction according to the disassembled object. The user-friendly design makes the installation more labor saving. The screwdriver head is made of S21 steel with high hardness and high toughness.


Self-returning safety knife

The safety knife not only has the main functions of cutting and carving like an ordinary knife but also from the safety point of view, the blade must be exposed by pushing the pusher on the handle, and the pusher is release.


Ergonomic needle-nosed pilers

It is designed for easy opening and closing with one hand. It is comfortable and effortless. The jaws of the high-precision process are tightly closed and the jaws strengthened allowing them to use them in a more labor-saving situation.


The wrench tightens with bolts, screws, nuts and other threaded fasteners.

It allows for quick, flexible and smooth twisting.


Convenient parts storage box

It stores common parts such as screws and nut nails. It can help you better organize your tools.


Easier to store

The small size of the toolbox is similar to A4 paper size. It saves more storage space.

  • Comfortable hammer handle design
  • Anti-oxidation rubber
  • Ring hook design


Product Model


Product Weight


Product Size

294 X 216 X 85 mm