Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

  • The 12-digit LED LCD display is digital
  • 23 laser engraving physical buttons
  • 1.3mm keystroke rebound effect
  • Feel more comfortable to use
Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Let the work flow

Simple modern design style with pure white, fashionable style filled with this machine for computing. It will help you with your work and makes your life much easier.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

As beautiful as the color of white porcelain

The machine is simple and elegant, worthy of white porcelain. The ON/AC key is decorated with a customized green aluminum alloy, just like a jade jewel on the elegant white porcelain which reflects the beauty of the whole machine.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

The beauty of simplicity pervades every edge

The use of simple and concise rounded elements so that the appearance of the design looks elegant and delicate.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Easy operation and easy use

With 23 radium vulture process physical keys, the 1.3mm key range rebound effect makes the press feel more comfortable and less tired.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Fashion, beauty, and technology come all together.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Portable Calculator

Carry it with you. If you need to calculate in the outdoors, you can easily put the calculator into your bag.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Open the battery compartment

Just push it gently to the right and the battery compartment will come out easily.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Ergonomic gold 6° angle

Calculate more comfortably, even when your laptop is beside you.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Portable computing with you

Easily put the calculator into the bag for outdoor calculations.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator

Gently push the pool to the present

Simply push the right one and the battery compartment will open up easily. The calculator is equipped with a 7-cell alkaline battery which can meet the power consumption of daily calculations and it last for a long time.

Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator
  • Laser craving character are clear
  • Jade-like aluminum alloy ON/AC button
  • Foot pad that is soft non-slip that provides comfort in fashion
Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator
Product weight

0.0860 kg

Product size

14.00 x 8.70 x 2.00 cm

Package weight

0.1200 kg

Package size

14.50 x 9.30 x 2.50 cm