Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

  • Foldable Treadmill
  • Hidden LED Display
  • 2 Mode (Auto Speed-Up Control/Manual Control)
  • Low Noise
  • Controlled by Mijia APP or Remote Controller
  • Support AI Voice Control
  • Suitable for 14~60 Year Old
  • Large Walking Platform 1200 (L) x 415 (W) x 57 (H) mm
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Another method to workout at home

We workout in the gym, field, runway, etc. Now, you are allowed to exercise at home. Mijia treadmill can be placed at home or your office to exercise anytime, after dinner or just want to relax after long hours of sitting. Enjoy easy and quiet walking without leaving home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Hidden LED display to track workout data

The LED light set is embedded in the metal panel, which is completely hidden when the treadmill is turned off. You can clearly track workout data such as number of steps, distance, time, speed and calories burned.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Integrated durable aluminium alloy structure

Mijia treadmill adopts an integrated light-weight aluminum alloy structure, which efficiently reduces the weight, and thus more convenient to move the machine around. Besides, Mijia treadmill has improved its durability in slim body.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Foldable and convenient to store

The traditional treadmill occupies more space, thus we create a foldable treadmill, which has less than a meter square of size after folding, and 12.9cm in thickness which allows you to store the treadmill beside the desk, or under the sofa.

Thoughtful mobile wheels design

We specially designed mobile wheels so you can easily move the treadmill to any corner at home after folding it in half.

Two exercise mode from amateur to advanced

It is not hard to familiarise the machine, we have designed two workout modes which are easy to control. The manual mode (M) is suitable for beginners, you can use the remote control to start, accelerate, decelerate, stop and change workout mode. The auto mode (A) is suitable for advanced users, you can start, accelerate, remain constant speed, decelerate or stop the treadmill by changing your position on the treadmill.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

We put efforts on every layer for your comfortable walking experience

The walking platform is a frequently used space, so we optimize the quality of the platform by using durable high-density fibreboard, comfortable EVA cushion layer with shock-absorption, smooth layer with the low friction coefficient and wear-resistant non-slip walking belt.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Low and thin platform design
Effectively reduced noise and more secure

For user’s convenience and safety, we reduced the height of the treadmill which has only 57mm. The low platform significantly compressed the space between the machine and the floor, which effectively reduced the noise while using the treadmill.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Easy to operate and convenient remote control

Mijia treadmill comes with a wireless remote control to start the treadmill, accelerate, decelerate, stop, switch exercise mode, etc. Besides, the remote control has been optimised for more comfortable grip and not falling easily.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Connect with Mijia application to record workout data

With Mijia application data manager, you can now record down your exercise data, to witness the improvement on your workout.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Support Xiaoai Tongxue Voice Control

Mijia treadmill support XiaoAi Tongxue , allows smart voice control on your treadmill.

*Connect device with XiaoAi tongxue function. The factory version does not have this function, the user has to upgrade the system through Mijia application before using it.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Connect Xiaomi TV to watch while walking

You can now view your workout data anytime by turning on the gadget on the upper right corner of Xiaomi TV by setting up the Mijia application in TV.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill

Beautiful Slim Design

Xiaomi treadmill is the masterpiece of our design team. It has a trendy design with metallic texture just like the manufacturing technology of a mobile phone. The matte and sleek body, elegant rounded edges, and slim walking platform form a beautiful trendy look.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
  • Newbie Speed Limit
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Standby
  • Overload Protection
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
Product Measurements
Unfold Size

1432 x 547 x 129 mm

Folded Size

822 x 547 x 129 mm

Package Size

890 x 620 x 185 mm

Age Group

14 ~ 60 y/o

Speed Range

0.5 ~ 6.0 km/h

Lowest Speed

0.5 km/h

Highest Speed

6.0 km/h

Rated Voltage

220V ~ 50Hz

Rated Power

746 W

Workout Mode

Manual mode, Auto Mode

Walking Belt Measurement

1200 x 415 mm

Walking Platform Height


Load Capacity


Net Weight


Gross Weight


AC Power Cord
Power Plug

3-prong angled pin



AC Material


AC Length


Package Contents
Xiaomi Mi Smart Treadmill
  • Walking Treadmill x 1
  • Remote Control x 1
  • Lanyard x 1
  • Power Cord x 1
  • Hex Wrench x 1
  • Silicone Oil Lubricant x 1
  • User Manual x 1