Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

  • TWS
  • Supports Monaural & Binaural
  • AAC HD Sound
  • Noise Reduction Call
  • Touch Control
Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

True Wireless Earphone to listen

XiaoMi Air Bluetooth earphone adopted left and right split wireless design, no more tangled wired earphone, bring a piece of whole new music listening and phone calling experience.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Easy Mode Switching

Unlike traditional wired earphones, XiaoMi Air Bluetooth earphones use touch controls on the earphones. Remove any single one from the ear and switch to monaural mode. You can also share one of the earphones with your friends and enjoy a fun time together.

*In binaural mode, make sure both earphones are in a certain distance to avoid disturbances of the signal.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Automatic sensor, remove earphone to pause

The built-in infrared optical sensor will detect the wearing status, the music will pause automatically when you remove any one of the earphones from your ear, with this, you will never miss a beat of the song, efficiently increase the playback time.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Acoustic Black Technology, Makes Music Better

The 7mm neodymium magnet + titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unit with tri-band balance, after activating ANC noise reduction, the sound has become clearer, purer, and real.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

HD Sound Quality

XiaoMi Air Bluetooth Earphone support AAC advanced audio coding technology, it has outstanding result in restoring vocal and instrument separation, and complete the original sound preservation. HD sound quality satisfies diverse musical needs.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Touch Control for Voice Assistant

In binaural mode, tap twice on your left earphone to activate XiaoAi voice assistance. In addition, XiaoMi Air Bluetooth earphone supports non-XiaoMi products, ENC noise reduction technology makes speech recognition clearer, improves AI interaction.

*Bluetooth voice assistance activation function is required, for non-XiaoMi smartphone users please contact customer service for more information.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Light touch to unlock the new experience

You can control the music, phone calls and voice assistant with just light touch, easy and comfortable, enjoy the smart life that technologies have brought to you.

  • Tap twice for calling / hanging up calls
  • Tap twice for play / pause
  • Long press for noice reduction on / off
  • Tap right side twice for binaural play / pause
  • Tap left side twice for voice assistant
  • Remove from ear to pause
Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Noise Cancellation Phone Call

The built-in high sensitivity microphone in both earphones allow binaural phone calls. Beamforming technology + ENC noise cancellation effectively reduces environmental noise, brings you high-quality phone calls and clear conversation.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Automatic Fast Connection

After the first pairing, it will be automatically connected to the paired device by just opening the charging case, no need manual pairing. Reconnection can be done within 30 minutes after a disconnection, which is also a 30 minutes standby time.

*First pairing needed to be done manually from the Bluetooth settings in your device, Bluetooth is required to be turned on for automatic pairing and re-connection.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Storage case is also a portable charger

Charge automatically by putting earphones into the charging case. Both earphones and the case support fast charging, 10 minutes of charging time allow 70 minutes of use, and it can be fully charged in just 1 hour. The charging case can charge earphones for 2 times, allows up to 10 hours of music playback. The lightweight charging case includes black technologies such as magnetic charging, hall magnetic switch and USB Type-C, fast charging interface.

  • Fully Charged
  • 3h Single Use
  • 10h Music Playback

*Data above is based on turning off ANC automatic noise reduction function, 80% sound volume. The result varies in different situations and environments.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Lightweight design, comfortable wear

The single-sided earphone weighs only 5.8g. The earplugs are designed with a side-in-ear that fits the ear canal. The silicone earbuds that fit individual ear shape, not only enhance the noise reduction but also provide a comfortable and stable fit for your ears. Besides, the IPX4 waterproof allows you to enjoy music while exercising.

*Earphone waterproof test report is from Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, Report Number: WT186003052

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Convenient Storage

The storing case is also a charging case. To charge your earphones, just put them into the charging case. 58g lightweight makes it convenient to bring earphones around, so you can use them anytime.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Compatible with IOS & Androids

Turn on Bluetooth and connect XiaoMi Air Bluetooth earphones with your IOS or Android devices. Compatible with smartphones, Pad, laptop, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


Net Weight




Charging Port

USB Type-C



Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless Range


Charging Time


Executive Standard

Q/WMSX 002-2016


2018DP6 155

Xiaomi Mi Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphone