Xiaomi Kaco Sky Rollerball Pen [2unit]

Xiaomi Kaco Sky Rollerball Pen [2unit]

  • Germany imported roller ball pen point for controlling ink precisely
  • PC material, sturdy and durable
  • 0.5mm pen point for fluent strokes
  • Considerate design for comfortable grip
  • Unique buckle design for durability

Germany imported core parts

With Germany imported roller pen point and core ink supply system you can write letters smoothly.

Light Material, Sturdy and Durable

Adopts PC material, the pen barrel offers comfortable grip feeling, increasing writing speed and relieving fatique.

0.5mm roller ball pen point

After the ink cartridge is installed, the ink of sky roller ball pen outflows fasts, ensuring great intermittent writing performance. Even if you forget to cover the cap, it can still leave strokes on paper.

Considrate design

Triangle ergonomics design is beneficial for forming the correct posture of holding a pen. You will not get tired easily for holding a pen for a long time.

Unique buckle design for pen barrel

Different from other pen barrels, SKY pen is designed with unique buckle, making the rotate process easier and more precise. Under the damping buffer of the clasp, you will not damage the pen barrel.

Conveniently replaceable

  1. Before first use, unscrew the body from the tip.
  2. Insert the rod into the tip with the appropriate end until it clicks, tighten the knob.

Hull Depreciation

Unlike other handles, the SKY rotation point is equipped with a special thread, which allows for easy and precise twisting. The damping effect keeps the case from damage.

Polypropylene case

Reusable polypropylene case holds two pens. In addition, you can remove the inner lining of the case and use it as a pencil case.

  1. You should not mix different types of ink, as well as use different brands in order to avoid precipitation in the rod and break the pen.
  2. Do not forget to close the pen cap after each use in order to avoid sediment on the pen tip after the ink has dried.

Ergonomic design

Writing by hand is more pleasant than ever. Ergonomic triangular design supports the most comfortable natural position of the brush at the time of writing. The thumb, index and middle fingers are located each on its side, so that the brush does not hurt, does not numb and does not get tired of the tension.




Transparent, Pearl White and Titanium Gold


PC Plastic

Ink Colour




Lining material



19.5 x 7 x 3cm