Xiaomi Huohou Composite Steel 5 in 1 Knife Set

Xiaomi Huohou Composite Steel 5 in 1 Knife Set

  • 3 Layer Composite Steel
  • Sharp and Durable
  • Three-layer steel
  • Sharper
  • More Beautiful

Solid, delicate and comfortable

Ebony is produced in tropical rain forests and is rare due to its centuries. It sinks into the water, has a dense structure and a high hardness. It is held in the hand and has a solid texture. After 1500 mesh fine grinding, the hands feel more delicate and lubricated for a long time.


Easy to wash

Pure hand-grinding is one of the traditional Chinese knife-making techniques. It combines the strength of the sanding material with the flexibility of the water.


Durable and anti-scaling

Using precision laser seamless welding technology, after 5 times matte grinding, 9 times mirror polishing combines the blade body and the tool header. It is more durable.


The whole set of knife

Every detail of the makes a whole set of the knife. The whole set of knives looks more like a piece of art.


Easy to use


Blade tip design

The design of the first sharp-edge tooltip + arc straight edge makes the overall tool line smoother and the combination of the sharp-edged tooltip and the arc-shaped cutting edge makes it easier to carry out the wall-breaking treatment of the ingredients while the arc-blade edge and the linear-blade edge division further divide.


Upgraded handle style

The handle is bold and innovative and the traditional fish belly design is changed to the narrow and middle width of the end, which makes it more harmonious with the overall tool style. The improved shank force is more comfortable.


Innovative double slanting tool holder

Solid wood rubber base with tilted design at both ends. The top tilt makes it easy for the tool to enter and exit easily and effortlessly. The bottom tilt is consistent with the top end and the classic style is still unsatisfactory after a 13-degree tilt test.


Cut finely and easily



  • Chop ribs
  • Chop chicken and duck bones
  • easy and labour saving

Chef Knife

  • Cut the fish
  • Cut the meat
  • Cut the vegetables

Slicing Knife

  • Boneless
  • non-hard shell vegetables

Multi-function smooth knife

  • Fruit peeling
  • Slitting
  • Smoot carving
  • Sharp angled tip
  • Exquisite logo
  • Mirror light steel head

Good quality makes New Year more innovative

Chopping Knife : 50Cr15MoV

165mm x 133mm x 82mm

Slicer Knife

197mm x 133mm x 67mm

Chef Knife

204mm x 133mm x 52mm

Universal Knife

128mm x 107mm x 35mm

Tool Holder

100mm x 200mm x 240mm