Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

  • Fur Ejector Button
  • Comfortable Grip
  • 135° Round Needle Comb
  • Trap Loose Hairs
Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

135° Rounded Needle Comb
Cat Purrs When They’re Brushed

FurryTail has high-density stainless steel comb teeth which can effectively comb floating hair, tangled hair and keep your cat’s hair smooth and fluffy. Besides, it has ejector button to clean the trapped hairs. The ergonomic handle design has delicate texture which is made of rubber material. FurryTail adopts rounded comb teeth to avoid hurting cat’s skin, provide comfortable massage and make them love being brushed.

Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

Trap Floating Hair & Clean With Ejector Button

FurryTail cat hair comb has a hair ejector button to remove trapped hair conveniently. The high-density comb teeth can collect loose hair and avoid hair floating in the air.

Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

Round Head Comb Teeth, Protect Cat’s Skin

The rounded point design prevents sharp comb teeth from hurting the cat’s skin. The comb is soft and friendly to skin, which can promote blood circulation on the skin and provide a comfortable massage experience for your cat.

Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

Ergonomic Non-Slip, Skin-Friendly, Comfortable Handle

The ergonomic non-slip handle is made of environmentally friendly rubber materials, and the comfortable grip can reduce wrist fatigue.

Xiaomi FurryTail Cat Hair Comb

360° Brush Head Massage Comb

The hair comb has 360° swivel brush head, allows you to comb the cat’s back, head neck and armpits in multiple directions, clean floating hair without dead corners.


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Comb Cat’s Hair

Recommended Use

Cats are sensitive, comb gently in the hair growth direction.