Xiaomi Flydigi Mobile Game Controller

Xiaomi Flydigi Mobile Game Controller

  • Long Press Multi Taping
  • Mechanical Connect
  • iOS Android Compatible

Creating New Experience

The unique stretch structure makes the grip firm and convenient and greatly enhances the gaming experience.


Point Mode

It supports one-button switching to point mode. It automatically clicks on the screen continuously at a high frequency of 8 times/second, so that it makes the clamping firm and convenient. It feels better and improves the gaming experience.


Competitive mouse level mico-motion button

It is highly sensitive and responsive. The bee thorn is also equipped with a competitive mouse-level switch, short keystroke. When you are shooting fast, you can press the horn of the victory of the button and inject the infinite passion.


Stable tensile structure

After the bee is clamped, it fits snugly against the phone and there is no side slip in the fierce gun battle. Support for tempered film.

  • Maximum thickeness supports 9mm
  • Maximum stretching supports 82mm

Left and right-hand buttons are designed separately

The curved surface is more suitable for the human hand to press as it is more comfortable.


Long-lasting battery life,

We have made technical innovations in power consumption for the bee stings, and it can be used for about one month with a single charge. Even if you travel long distances, you can enjoy it.


Correct installation Order

  • Step 1: Click the phone into the head of the bee
  • Step 2: Pull the bottom lever to pull the screen

Easy to set up

Simply move the button to the top of the screen, then hold it directly and align the bee with the button. Hands naturally hold the posture, you can return to the battlefield without changing your hand-help habits


Aviod accidentally touching the volume button

  • Constant red light : Charging
  • Flashing red light : Prompt for low battery
  • Light off state : Can be used normally
Product Size


Input Voltage




Battery Capacity

300mAh, charging time 1.5-2 hours

Product Weight