Xiaomi Dr. Bei Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

Xiaomi Dr. Bei Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

  • Good travel companion
  • Convenient
  • Secure

Strict quality requirements

The bristles are specified in Germany and Japan, and the quality of the bristles is strictly controlled. Only 50% of the better bristles can be checked into the mouth.


Toray is the inventor of the popular sharp-edged filament. The industry authority and Dr. Bei has customized expensive high-end antibacterial fur. Pedex spiral wire from Germany. It is the inventor of the spiral wire technology, the perfect combination of softness and force can achieve more efficient cleaning.

  1. Top-flexible spiral wire: deep into the wisdom tooth area, more cleansing
  2. Middle layer – soft preparation long carbon antibacterial silk: deep into the gingival sulcus, quickly clean the sides of the plaque.
  3. Soft silver ion antibacterial silk: soft touch, massage gums

Upgrade traditional technology to resist corrosion and health

Dr. Bei upgraded the bristles fixing process and selected high-quality nickel-silver sheets to fix the bristles. Although nickel-silver tablets are expensive, they are more resistant to corrosion and are less prone to bacteria than copper and iron in traditional bristles.


The brush head is round and more comfortable

Specially rounded brush head makes the inner wall of the mouth very comfortable


The shank bend is not easy to break

It has good elasticity and prevents excessive force and damage to the gums.


Handle body food grade

From the bristles to the handles, all meet the hygienic standards for food use and ensure the safety of the entrance


Smooth and anti-stain

Optical grade mold polishing, smooth and bright, not easy to leave stains.


Not an ordinary toothbrush

It has a comprehensive improvement of the toothbrushing process. It has 23 patents. Through the scientific combination of three different functions, it not only helps deep cleansing plaque but also assists in massaging the gums, effectively preventing periodontal disease and relieving gums. Bleeding symptoms.


Exquisite and Beautiful

It is a good travel companion, convenient and secure.



Appearance size

185mm x 11.3mm x 17.1mm


blue, pink, green, orange


Food grade PP TPE

Product net weight

11 g