Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

  • Keyless operation
  • Electronic password
  • Remote Alarm
  • Digital Password
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Convenient safe at home

The new look of the CRMCR electronic safe deposit box used laser wire cutting technology and the box body is integrated to better integrate into the modern home. Minimalism is a high quality of life and convenient life.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Safe warehouse hidden in the closet

It is more concealed.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Bedroom personal belongings

Keep your confidentiality safe.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

High quality

Take care of your precious items.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Special steel plate casting

High-quality Q345 safe special steel, strong stretch integrated molding structure to reduce weld seams, enhance the box's anti-destructive ability.

  • Strong stretching
  • King Kong protection
  • One piece
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box
  • Solid door bolts are stronger
  • Micro-silt door frame is difficult to shake
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Soft bag process shock absorption

The appearance is usually the place to attract customers and the interior is the key to determining long-term satisfaction.

  • Shock absorption
  • Mositure proof
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Tempered glass partition

Tempered glass partition, single layer weight 30kg, storage items are more reliable. Transparent glass makes it easier to find the collections.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Intelligent electronic password efficient encryption

With up to 6 digits of electronic code locks, the password is only one of the 106 deciphering rates, with more efficient security, greatly enhancing the security of the safe deposit box. The electronic password is more convenient to use and solves the pain of carrying a key. It only requires to input the 6-digit password without the handle of the door.

  • Electric lock control
  • Keyless opening
  • 26 months of battery life
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

Access to Mijia App

Use the Mijia APP to get a remote view of the safe. When your safe deposit box is caught in an illegal operation or shake the sensor to receive the signal, it will issue a call alarm at the first time and transmit the signal through the adapted Mijia electronic device as the relay gateway to remind you to pay attention to the safe in real time.

  • Real-time alarm
  • Gateway device
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box

More intelligent control

Key unlocking: Use the mobile device to connect to the Mijia platform. Just swipe the unlocking icon to the right to open the box with one button. It is smooth and concise. Remotely locked users can set the password of the safely or randomly on the mobile device.

Battery reminder: When the built-in battery of the safe has dropped, the Mijia APP will send a signal to remind the user to change the battery of the motor in time to achieve stable battery life and use.

Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box
Xiaomi CRMCR Electric Safe Box
Board Size

80 * 20cm

Bracket size


Wheel size

52 * 30mm

Product Colour

Black and White

Main Material

Canadian Maple Aluminum Alloy Polyurethane

Overall Quality


Maximum Load