Xiaomi Circle Joy Wine Opener

Xiaomi Circle Joy Wine Opener

  • The body is forged from premium 304 stainless steel, rust-resistant, solid and durable.
  • The bottom is crafted with excellent transparent PC, making the opening process clear and easy to operate.
  • Round shape body and button, effectively disperse the pressing resistance.
  • Adopting the ergonomic design of concentric embossed lines, fits the fingerprint perfectly.
  • Quick Open
  • 120 times Per Charge
  • Removable Caps
  • Transparent Design

304 Stainless steel material durable

The body of the Xiaomi Stainless Steel Electric Bottle Opener is forged from 304 stainless steel in the same way as stainless steel fermenters.


Transparent PC Display Case

The bottom of the Xiaomi opener is made of transparent PC material, making the opening process clear and easy to operate.

  • Round top cover
  • CD grain battery cover
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Cut tin foil knife

Only 300g

It is lightweight and portable, which makes it an excellent grip experience. Xiaomi opener upgrades the internal structure design to size up to only 46 x 224.5mm. Which is 36.1% smaller than normal and very portable.


Multi-purpose cutting knife Base

Xiaomi opener’s cutting knife has been tested for hundreds of times. It can easily cut the tin cap and it is not easy to scratch your fingers. At the same time, the base is perfectly integrated and can be easily caught on the bottom of the bottle opener. I can be dustproof or not, and iy os effective to prevent children from touching the bottom screw hook.


Innovative detachable bottom cover for easy cleaning

After the bottle opener is used repeatedly, there will be a trace of alcohol overflow. Xiaomi Opener uses a unique detachable bottom cover device to remove the lower end of the bottle opener an clean the inside of the PC case.


Full battery can be opened 120 times

  • 120 pcs – Full power
  • 2000 pcs – Total opened bottles
  • Round shape body – The overall body is rounded
  • Round top cover – Concealed battery top cover with countless concentric circular design
  • Circle Button – Disperse the pressing resistance, apply the ergonomic embossed lines, and fit the finger more easily

Step 1: Hold the bottle tightly, clamp the tin foil clutter and rotate the sealed tin foil left and right.

Step 2: Hold the bottle and the opener, press the bottle, open the button on the bottle stopper and press it down vertically. After 6 seconds, the bottle is automatically pulled out.

Step 3: Press the back button and the stopper will automatically push the bottle opener.

Full Power Opening Times
120 Bottles
All Opening Times
2000 Bottles
PC + ABS + Stainless Steel
Product Weight
Product Size
45 x 224.5mm