Xiaomi Beebest Headlight

Xiaomi Beebest Headlight

The LED Headlamp uses high-bright LED lamp beads with a max output of 105 lumens. 3 modes for various lighting demands. It is an essential and first choice for hiking, camping, touring, home using, gifts and emergency lightings etc.

  • High-quality material
  • It is made of ABS and aluminum alloy material. It is durable and practical, Small body, lightweight which makes it easy to carry.

  • Lighting mode
  • Three modes, so many brightness options are convenient for us.

  • IP45 waterproof rate
  • Super bright LED beads
  • Energy saving and environment-friendly

  • Wide application
  • It is suitable for outdoor camping, walking, riding, reading books and so on.



The light is the courage to walk into the night. Put on the headlights, adjust the angle and walk out of the room.


Smart Design

Wearing a bee headlight will make you feel that it is not there, and you can travel more easily to experience the outdoors.


White light + Red light (Dual experience)

The soft light will not hurt the eyes while illuminating the road ahead. The red light source has the highlight strobe SOS three modes while lighting, it can be used as a warning sign.

  • Nylon material
  • Wear resistant
  • Moisture absorption

One button operation

Easy adjustment of multiple light sources


IP4 waterproof

Do not fear of rainy days.

  • Wearing rear – guarantee night safety
  • Precision operation – illuminate work details
  • Brighten in the dark and helps to assist in work
  1. High beam light source bead
  2. Two-colour indicator
  3. Power button
  4. Micro-USB Charging port
  5. Red light source bead
Product Model


Product Size

48 x 28 x 32mm

Product Weight


Operating temperature


Storage temperature