Xiaomi 180° Collodion Mop

Xiaomi 180° Collodion Mop

  • Permanent storage, space-saving, can be placed in any corner, upright and dry to avoid secondary collodion head pollution
  • Drainage system stepped five-way roll in innovative way, Easier to dehydrate collodion, easy to squeeze to water
  • Slot design, one button to replace the collodium head, Fast and convenient
  • High-quality, non-polluting one-molding PVA collodion head, close to the floor, effective to absorb hair and dust
  • Flexible foam handle, soft touch, comfortable grip
  • Material: aluminum (rod) / ABS + PP (shell) / collodion (head) / 304 stainless steel (reel)
  • Light rod made of aluminum material, more durable
  • Free turn
  • Lightweight Design
  • Standing Storage
  • Space-saving

Standing Storage, upright and dry

The mope is standing storage and the vertical projection is only 0.7DM, equivalent to the area of a bottle of water, which can be placed on any corner. After the mop is washed, it can be placed upright and naturally dry to avoid secondary pollution of the collodion head.


Slot design, one-button replacement

Press the button, hold the collodion, lateral push collodion inserts the back of the new collodion into the opposite hole of the bottom plate, push in laterally, ‘click’ sounds. Replace it easily.


Innovative drainage system, make it easier to dehydrate the collodion

The stepped five-way roller drainage system is combined with a single-molded rubber round head forming process. The roller rotates slowly and the collodion is fully etched to produce a lateral resistance of no more than 60N. The top 3mm diameter 304 stainless steel shaft and POM large roller highly lubricated rotary friction for an easy dehydration experience.


Flexible handle, comfortable grip

The high-capacity foam grip handle with soft touch enhances the grip feel and comfort.

  1. Ring Hook
  2. Foam Handle
  • Ring hook design,makes it easy to hang
  • Light metal aluminium material rod, whcih is more durable
  • Simple square base, stand-up storage design
Package weight

1.2540 kg

Package size (L x W x H)

9.70 x 35.00 x 60.00 cm



Product weight

0.5000 kg