Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

  • 3.3Inch LED white light display
  • TI chip Battery life 40%
  • AD24 Industrial grade chip
  • Fat Detection rate
Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Health for the future

  • Ten Body Stats
  • BIA Technology
  • HD LED Display
  • Fine Design
Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Know Yourself Better Through Ten Body Stats

YUNMAI spent three years of great efforts only for making excellent products. YUNMAI Balance, which Is designed for adults as an entry point Into body fat scale, Is built up with the most advanced technologies of the industry. It not only detect ten body data, but also score the body condition in real time and generate the data briefs, offering people a chance to have a thorough understanding of their health.

  • Body Weight
  • BMI
  • Body Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Moisture Mass
  • BMR
  • Physical Age
  • Verscial age
  • Protein
Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

PRO Body Management

Great dreams begin with good body management. YUNMAI Balance automatically updates the body data to produce the data briefs, which enable people to track the training achievements any time. Let YUNMAI Balance record and share every progress with you.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

YUNMAI Data Cloud

Combination of Safety and Accuracy

Instead of local data, YUNMAI Balance and YUNMAI Health Data Cloud are combined that each of your measured data will match and verify repeatedly with the human features of millions of people in the Cloud so as to bring more accurate results. In addition, we will keep your data secure and confidential.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Multi-frequency Body Fat Measurement Ensure Accuracy

The core chip is critical for making an excellent scale. While applying BIA chip, YUNMAI Balance uses multi-frequency body fat measurement instead of traditional body fat measurement to detect the electrical impedance of biological tissue. Through testing different cells, body composition is detected more accurately than ever. For better user experience, ten body data are obtained at once.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Sensitive Electrodes, More Durable

YUNMAI Balance selects high quality materials only. The electrode sensor is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel in the industry. With remarkable performance, the sensor is more sensitive. At the same time, since it has good rust resistance, it is designed for long time use and wet feet are also acceptable.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

HD LED Display with Clear Reading

YUNMAI Balance applies delicate craftsmanship, carefully creating concealed LED display. The appropriate display size and HD LED display enables your clear reading while standing.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Longer battery endurance 3xAA batteries last for 1 year

In order to offer you with an uninterrupted experience, YUNMAI Balance uses TI Bluetooth 4.0 chip with low power consumption. No need to turning on and off, you can automatically connect to it as soon as you open the HAOQING App and put the phone close to the balance. Three AA batteries can be used for a whole year.

Xiaomi Yunmai Mini 2 Smart Body Fat Scale

Compact size with delicate details

The mini size with a white tempered glass plate with, anti-skid treatment of glass plate, the touch feels silky smooth.
Scratches and bruises are no longer a problem, high quality is hidden in all the details.


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