OnePlus Bullets Earphones (V2)

OnePlus Bullets Earphones (V2)

Listening is a stress-free experience with the feather-light in-ear chambers, weighing only 2 grams. The lightweight helps reduce distortion caused by cavity resonance and allows for more natural sound reproduction. The Bullets comes packed with anti-allergy silicone ear tips in various sizes to ensure optimal comfort. We’ve also brought our patented flat-wire design to our earphones for a durable,tangle-free experience.


Stay in Control

There’s no need to take out your phone every time you want to pause a song or answer a call, that’s what the three-button in-line remote control is for. The left and right channels reproduce sound independently, reducing noise and capturing each note perfectly. By removing the MIC signal from the channels, the quality of your phone calls is also significantly improved.


The Sound Quality

Before a pair of Bullets is considered ready for shipment, it has to undergo numerous rigorous quality tests. Traits like temperature resistance and plug durability are all put to the test, and only the earbuds that emerge from the tests in pristine condition are good enough for your ears.


You won’t believe your ears

The Bullets feature an alunminum coil wrapped in high-end Japanese Black cooper to make for a more consistent listening experience. The coil helps bring out the tiniest details hidden within each note.


Tuned to Perfection

Expertly tuned to hit the sweet spot in sound reproduction. The Bullets produce an immersive listening experience that remains comfortable even during extended listening sessions. We’ve optimized the tri-band tuning process that produced the last generation’s captivating sound, improving the range to deliver richer bass, more delicate treble and a smoother midrange.

Wire Core
Enamelled copper wire
Aryphan Polyarylate
Cable Length
1.25 m
Frequency Range
20 - 20,000 Hz
Maximum Power
Earphone Weight