Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh

Xiaomi 5000mah Power Bank External Battery Charger for Smartphones and Tablets Such As iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Google, or Blackberry, also for some digital camera and PSP game charging and more

Only 9.9mm thin, easily fits into your bag to provide instant power, Perfect for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are. (the power bank will adjust the output power automatically to meet different devices’ needs).

LED power indicator gives a real-time reminder.

Xiaomi power banks only use top quality batteries from Samsung and LG. The protective casing is a single piece metal casing by high-precision CNC digital cutting made from water and corrosion resistant surface that can take up to a 50KG (110lbs) load!


Super Slim 9.9mm case

You won’t know it is in your pocket. The 5000mAh power bank is suitable for everyday use. Stash it in your bad or pocket, it is so slim you won’t even know it is there.

  • 1 – Full charges for Redmi Note 4G
  • 1.8 – Full charges for iPhone 6
  • 2.2 – Full charges for iPhone 5s

World-class chipest protection

With adopted charging and discharging chips from Texas instruments, Mi Power Bank not only provides nine circuit protection but also enhances efficiency.

  • Temperature Resistance
  • Input Overvoltage Protection
  • Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Protection from Short Circuit
  • Protection from incorrect Insertion
  • Protection from overcharge and Over-discharge
  • Reset Mechanism
  • Protection from output overcurrent
  • PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell

Fully optimized charging/discharging efficiency

up to 93% conversion rate. World-class chips improve charging conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors to optimize efficiency and durability.

  • Increased 100times lifespan
  • Improve 10% power output efficiency
  • up to 93% conversion rate
  • Minimum 3300mAh actual output capacity

Compatible with many other devices by adjusting output automatically

Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device.


A- Power check B- Indicator Lights C- Micro USB port (input) D- USB port (output) E- 9.9mm

  • Smooth edges
  • Anodic oxidation treatment
  • Naturally concealed button

Sleek aluminum case is the same as the surface of MacBook Pro

  • 50kg Pressure Limit
  • 300 times Rub test
Aluminium Alloy
DC 5V 2A
DC 5.1V 2.1A
Capacity (mAh)
Battery Type
Li-Polymer Battery