Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Household Muscle Relaxing Massage Gun!

  • 5 Level Dual Mode
    From Light To Deep Smart Massage
  • 84 Days
    Long-Lasting Battery
  • 3200 rpm
    Powerful Spinning
  • 10mm
    Deep Muscle Tissue Massage
  • 45dB
    Low Noise
  • New Charging Base
    Instant Powerful Charging
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

New Massage Experience

The fascia is a large sheet of net wraps around the musculoskeletal and internal organs. Exercise or bad posture can cause fascia tissue rupture or damage, resulting sarcoidosis, muscle pain and muscle weakness. Meavon massage gun stimulates and reaches the deep muscle tissue by strong and high-frequency vibrations, improves blood circulation, cures muscle adhesion, relaxes stiff and tight muscle groups, eliminates soreness.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

5 Level & Smart Dual Mode
Meavon Relieve Your Muscle Soreness

The innovative smart massage dual mode provides 1800-3200rpm with 5 pressure levels with smart control system, adjust vibration frequency and intensity automatically. Meavon has fitness and smart massage two modes, suitable to relieve your muscles after exercising and daily massage.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Smart Massage Mode

It is your personal professional massage therapist. Meavon adopts smart massage mode for your daily relaxing massage at home, which imitates professional massage therapist technique, gradually increase the pressure to relieve muscle soreness, suitable for everyone to enjoy professional massage experience at home.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Professional Fitness Mode

The fitness mode can relax tight muscles after exercise, prevent muscle adhesion, lactic acid build-up, eliminate soreness, and fatigue. Meavon decreases muscle recovery time, strengthen your muscles, and challenge yourself to become stronger.

  • Mode 1
    Muscle Activation
  • Mode 2
    Fascia Relaxation
  • Mode 3
    Professional Mode
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

3200 rom Strong Power

Meavon has developed dual bearing structure, equipped brushless motor with smaller size and stronger performance of 70mN.m powerful torque, 3200rpm high speed and reaches 10mm deep muscle tissue. Meavon eliminates muscle soreness and fatigue, activates muscle cells, and brings an enjoyable experience.

  • 45 w Brushless Motor
  • 10mm Deep Massage
  • 70mN.m Strong Torque
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

84 Days Long Battery Life

Meavon adopts 2900mAh long-lasting lithium battery which a full charged battery can provide continuous of use up to 84 days, 10 minutes every day. Besides, you can enjoy cordless massage with the wireless handheld design.

*The data above is from Meavon laboratory. The operating hour varies with the environment, usage and settings of the product.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Convenient & Powerful Instant Charging Base

Meavon is equipped with innovative, safe and convenient charging base which has instant charging by putting the massage gun on the charging base. The anti-slip surface can stabilise the massage gun, easy to store and save more space.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Enjoy Relaxing Massage With 45dB Low Noise

Meavon’s exclusive patented low noise structure and brushless motor achieve 45dB low noise operation. You can relieve muscle soreness in the gym or quietly at home.

*Data above is tested from Meavon laboratory. The decibel may vary with environment, distance, and product settings.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Ergonomic High Quality Design

Based on a few tens of thousands of hand size data, Meavon has crafted an ergonomic handle to ensure balance and stable grip. After repeated modifications, the ideal engineering mechanical shape was born. The massage gun has shown every detail of craftsmanship and the perfection of technology.

  • Patented Design
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Hidden Cooling System
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

4 Professional Massage Head For Every Part Of Muscles

To provide more comfortable massage experience, Meavon adopts soft and skin-friendly food grade silicone as material of the massage head. There are 4 exclusive soft massage head with internal Erhoneycomb structure. The surface of massage gun is soft and bouncy, protect your skin and reduce the damage to muscles and bones.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun
Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Care For Your Body Effectively
Relieve Muscle Pain & Fatigue

Prolonged sitting in an office or looking down at your phone may cause back strain and neck pain. Meavon portable massage gun has smart massage mode which can relieve your muscle easily in 10 minutes.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

10 Minutes Smart Safety Protection

To avoid overuse of massage gun on the same spot, which may cause damage to muscles and bones, Meavon portable massage gun adopts smart timer protection and cut off power after 10 minutes of use. The technology ensures user safety.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun

Cost Effective Muscle Relieving Tool

Meavon adopts local and imported high-quality parts. The massage gun is cost effective with its delicate craftsmanship, guaranteed quality, functionality and provides 1 year of warranty 1-to-1 exchange. Besides, Meavon massage gun has passed multiple quality check to provide safe use guarantee for every user.

Xiaomi Meavon Portable Massage Gun


1. Avoid pressing the massage head when power is on.
2. Do not use the massage gun on the same spot to prevent injuries.
3. Do not use the massage gun on bones, joints, head, neck or other body parts with thin muscle.
4. Do not use the massage gun on babies, kids, pregnant women, those who wear a pacemaker, who have broken bones, or have metal contents in body.
5. If you feel unwell, stop using immediately.



Pressure Level

5 Levels Smart Dual Mode

Power Supply

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Implemented Standards