Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Exercise at home during your free time. You can easily fold and store it to save space. It has an automatic and manual mode for you to choose from.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro
  • Integrated Alloy Frame
  • Exclusive KS Fit Mobile App
  • Patented Foldable Design
  • Adaptive Speed Control
  • Shock Absorption Technology
  • Smooth Liquid Spray Paint
Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Twelve hours a day

Spare some time for body health in your busy life, such as body stretching in the morning to help kick-start energy level for the day, deal with food guilt after a heavy lunch, exercise while watching drama after work. Exercise does not necessarily to sweat a lot, start walking with WalkingPad now!

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Strong and Durable

The WalkingPad adopted a light weight alloy framework structure, significantly reduced the weight while improving overall stability and durability. The net weight of the machine is only 22kg, the maximum load capacity is 90kg.

  • Alloy Frame
  • Liquid Spray Paint
  • Colour Matching
Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Easy fold and store

The area is lesser than half a meter square when folded, thin body portable size, that it saves space at your home which you can place under your bed, desk, corner of the balcony.

  • 145.5mm - Storage Thickness
  • 2 Mobile Wheels
  • 0.45m² Area

*China model patent, patent number: ZL201721730307.2

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Two exercise mode from amateur to advanced

(M) Manual mode is designed for beginners, the remote control allows you to start, accelerate, decelerate, switch-mode or stop the machine. (A) Automatic mode is designed for advanced users, allows you to control the speed with your own pace and position.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Remote control with digital display to track real-time data

The WalkingPad includes a remote control that not only can control the machine but also track real-time data, including distance, time, speed, pace and calories burned.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Adjust the speed at your own pace

The WalkingPad has a built-in high-precision sensor, with the autonomous speed control, the machine can predict user’s position and pace accurately, and adjust its speed when the user steps on different response area, to accelerate, decelerate and remain constant speed.

  • Acceleration response area
  • Constant speed response area
  • Deceleration response area
Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

69mm Thin Platform

The height of the walking platform is only 69mm, which reduces the space between the floor and the machine itself, thus it is more stable and reduces noise when using, no disturbances to your family and neighbors.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Comfortable Walking Experience

The walking platform adopts shock absorption EVA cushion layer which is soft and comfortable, the anti-friction layer which reduces friction, comfortable and flexible to protect your joints.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Record Down

Connect the exclusive KS Fit App, you are allowed to record data, such as distance, speed, pace, calories burned, etc. Besides, you can check your weekly, monthly or yearly exercise results, record the changes in your body with the application.

Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Multiple Safety Protection

We repeatedly verify every detail of the product, to ensure the safety protections for you and your family.

  • Newbie Speed Limit
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Standby
  • Overload Protection
Kingsmith Foldable Treadmill C1 Pro

Focus on the details, satisfy your every needs

  • Smooth liquid spray paint
  • Anti-slip durable walking belt
  • Integrated alloy frame
Xiaomi WalkingPad Smart Treadmill C1 -Alloy Edition
Expanded Dimension

1449 x 528 x 117mm

Folded Dimension

855 x 528 x 145.5mm

Belt Area

1200 x 400mm

Platform Height


Package Weight


Product Weight


Load Capacity


Age Group

14-60 years old

Speed Range

0.5KM/H - 6.0KM/H

Rated Voltage


Workout Mode

Standby mode, manual mode, auto mode

Package Contents

Walking machine x 1, power cord x 1, remote control x 1, battery x 2, lanyard x 1, user manual x 1, hex wrench x 1, silicone oil lubricant x 1, After sales service card x 1