Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

  • Hydropower LED display
  • Patented auto-cleaning spout
  • Liquid silicone rubber pressure boosting shower head
  • 304 Stainless steel pole
  • Rotary switch faucet
Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set
  • Hydropower LED Display
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Shower Head
  • Patented Auto-cleaning Spout
  • Germany BASF Material Inner Hose
Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

More Possibilities in the Bathroom

Diiib Future-O shower set has discovered N+1 possibilities in the bathroom. The LED display shows water temperature, volume, and water outlet. Besides, the shower set has liquid silicone rubber pressure boosting shower head, patented auto-cleaning spout, and ‘O’ rotary switch.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Minimalist ‘O’ Shape Rotary Switch Design

It helps to control the water flow and temperature. Diiib Future-O Shower set has handleless faucet design, which adopts ‘O’ shape rotary switch and turns on the sink faucet water by pressing the switch. Besides, you can adjust, preset the water temperature on the shower set, control the mode and water flow conveniently.

*When flowing warm water, not advisable to control water flow rate.

*Middle point of temperature adjustment knob gives largest cold water flow; turn anticlockwise to increase the temperature, water flow remain unchanged; turn clockwise for temperature remained unchanged, continue to turn clockwise to reduce water flow or turn off the water.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Hydropower LED Water Temperature Digital Display

Future-O faucet and shower set made water temperature visible, with NTC temperature sensor and LED digital display which shows water temperature, volume, and mode. Preset water temperature for your kids, protect your kids and worry less.

*The product powered by hydropower, no batteries required.

  • Temperature Range
    -20°C ~ 110°C
  • 1°C Precision Temperature Measure
  • Water Saving Reminder
Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Pressure Boosting Handheld Shower Head With Liquid Silicone Rubber Nozzles

Diiib Future-O handheld showerhead has 118 of nozzles which made by liquid silicone rubber with 0.4mm fine aperture, increase the water pressure, and gives stronger water flow. Protect your skin with the rainfall mode, enjoy the pleasant shower experience. With liquid silicone rubber material, the cleaning shower head has easier by scrubbing off the dirt.

*Liquid silicon rubber material is more durable than TPR as it prevents bacterial growth, does not oxidize or turns yellow easily.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Thumb Press Button to Switch Shower Mode

Diiib Future-O handheld shower head has a button in which the structure has been optimized several times to achieve a easier pressing and rebounding button. There are 3 different shower mode including gentle mode, massage mode and rain mode. Relax and revitalize your skin.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Gentle Water Flow

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Patented Auto-cleaning Spou

The rain shower head is hard to be cleaned, blockage occurs after long time of using, and clog up the water flow. Diiib Future-O rain shower head not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has patented inner structure. The pin plate inside the shower head floats when the water is turned on, gives you smooth water flow. When the water is turned off, the pin plate will drop and clean off the dirt in the nozzles to prevent clogged up.

*Patent number: ZL201510666357.8

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set
Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Hidden Water Outlet

You can change water flow direction by rotating the switch. Diiib Future-O shower set has a simple minimalist appearance which the bottom tap-less water outlet with a bubbler is hidden in the shower set control bar. Besides, you can adjust the water direction by rotating the switch, allows you to wash or fill water conveniently.

*The faucet adopts neoperl brand, smoother water outlet

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Extra-wide Storage Platform For Easy Storage and Leaves Clear Bathroom Space

Diiib Future-O shower set has a panel integrates all operation switches which allows you to store variety of items on top, convenient and keep your bathroom neat. Safe and nice rounded sleek design.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Height Adjustment Slide Bar

Diiib Future-O slide bar allows you to adjust the height of handheld and rain shower head. Slide bar has smooth movement and lock firmly in place. The thoughtful design of 360° rotation with the clicking sound allows you to have multi-dimensional adjustment.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

360° Anti-winding Hose, Platinum Silver Anti-crack Thick Coating

The middle part of Diiib shower head hose is made of platinum silver material, while outer and inner layer are made of 5-layer thickened PVC coating, which is effective in isolating temperature. The 360° rotation anti-winding design allows more convenient and easier to use.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Smooth Opening And Closing, Seal Perfectly And No Dripping

A powerful valve core is key to water control. Diiib Future-O series of faucet and shower headset has high-quality ceramic valve cores, which are made at high temperature to withstand wear, resist to high temperature, smooth opening and closing, precise temperature adjustment and strong leak-proof performances.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set

Germany BASF High Performance PPA Thermal Insulation Main Body

Diiib Future-O shower set main body adopts BASF’s high-performance PPA material, which has high strength, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance. Besides, the inner surface is smoother and free of sand, which can protect the electrical machinery and prevent blockage, keeps your family warm.

Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set
  • Multi-layered Filter
    Filters are installed in the water source connection and the valve core to protect the hydro-generator, smoothen the water flow from the shower head.
  • 304 Stainless Steel
    The shower slide bar, rain shower head, and faucet are made of 304 stainless steel, which resists rust and more durable.
  • Thermal Insulation
    The shower set including hoses and individual water outlet parts are made of heat insulation material to prevent scalding and protect your skin.
Xiaomi Diiib Future-O Shower Set
Product Model

DXLY005 (Shower Set)


324 x 161 x 1239 mm (Shower Set)

Net Weight

3.2 kg (Shower Set)


Body - PPA+ABS, Digital display - Tempered glass, Pole, 304 stainless steel, Hose - PVC, Shower head - ABS, Shower head holder ( clamp bracket) - ABS