Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

  • Applicable On Different Pole Size
  • DIY Easy-To-Install
  • Stable Storage
  • Nail-Free Glue-Free
  • No Pole Installation Required
Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Simple To Attach, No Uninstallation Required
Organise Your Toileteis Conveniently

Organize your toiletries with Diiib bathroom shelf. It adopts DIY easy installation module for instant use, no need to remove your old shelf. Besides, the shelf is stable and it comes with hooks, shower head holder for your towel, and showerhead. Diiib keeps your bathroom neat and tidy.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

DIY Easy Installation

Diiib adopts easy installation in 4 simple steps. Every completed step comes with a clear clicking sound, ensure stable attachment on the shower head pole.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Stable & Sturdy, Balanced Support

Diiib DIY easy installation module is different with traditional rounded shelf, it adopts multi-directional pressure distribution, improve the support point of the pole, gives you a stable and balanced shower shelf.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Rotary Multi-Level Tightening Knob, Suitable For Different Size Of Poles

The module is equipped with multi-level tightening rotary knob, allows to install on different pole diameters and wider application range. Besides, the silicone material increases the friction on the pole, ensure stable installation.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Place Toiletries, Shower Head & Tower Together

Toiletries are easy to use and place back to the shelf. Organise your shampoos, shower gel and other bottled items on the Diiib shower shelf, and hang loofah, towel, clothes and shower head on the hooks.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

Widened & Lengthened Design, Fulfilled Your Organising Needs

Diiib shower shelf has bigger, wider storage space compared with common shelf in the market. It is convenient to store your daily toiletries and also beauty device, mobile phone, etc.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

15mm Holder, Prevent Falling & Easy To Use

Diiib shower shelf has 25mm rounded sleek design frame, to prevent the items from falling down accidentally.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf
  • Efficient Water Draining Design
    Easy & efficient water draining, prevent bacteria growth.
  • Rounded Edge Design, Easy To Clean

    Avoid injuries when showering. Easy to Clean.

  • Hook & Shower Head Stand
    Hang your shower loofah, towel, shower head or other toiletries.
  • Adjustable height
    Adjust suitable height on the slider
Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf

No Uninstallation Or Hole Drilling Required

Diiib bathroom shelf has detachable DIY installation module, attach the installer on the pole and place the shelf, no nails, glue or tools required. Suitable for replacement of old shelf, for new houses and old houses.

Xiaomi Diiib Bathroom Shelf



351 * 118 * 88mm

Applicable Shower Head Pole Diameter


Net Weight

Approx. 330g


Main Body-ABS

Package Contents

DIY Easy-to-install Stand, Storage Shelf, Hooks*2, Shower Head Stand