Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Mijia/Apple Dual Security System protected from over 20 hacking technology.

Apple Homekit Secured Verification

Strictly secures the entrance of your home. The whole lock security is verified by Apple Homekit. Other than the encryption and authentication technology, the N100 is also compatible with other HomeKit, providing you with a full connected smart home security system.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

7 Unlock Alternatives

Explore your fuss free unlocking experience.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Integrated 3D Semiconductor Fingerprint Recognition

Unlock the door the most natural way possible.

3D semiconductor finger twists recognition.
Effectively reduce the impact of skin damage on fingerprint recognition.

Financial grade fingerprint detection algorithm.
Widely used in various financial institutions with feature pointing and image fusion algorithm.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Supports Xiaomi Band 4/mobiles NFC

A perfect solution for an emergency.

  • NFC High Speed Unlock
    Supports Xiaomi mobiles, Mi Band 4 NFC version. Mijia Security chip with encrypted technology.
  • HomeKit Unlock
    Home APP with Bluetooth Unlcok
  • Mobile Bluetooth Unlock
    Safety & Encrypted Xiaomi Mijia APP unlocking
  • Emergency Key Unlock
    Fuss Free Unlock even if the door lock is out of electricity.

*Current mobile that supports NFC unlocking function. Xiaomi 9 (including Xiaomi 9 SE and Xiaomi 9 Pro). Xiaomi Mix series, Xiaomi 8 (Explorer & Screen Fingerprint Variant), Xiaomi Note 3/2, Xiaomi 6/5/5s/5s Plus, etc. MIUI OS users with the latest OS update will be able to support the smart door lock as well.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Fuss Free Smart Door Lock For Your Family

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Deep Customised Smart Lock Body

It has over 20 anti-hacking security technology. Built in high integration with main control rear and C-level lock cylinder. Installed in the middle, the main control is placed on the rear panel. Designed to counter forced unlock, break in through technology, and security breach, the high-security C-Level is used to counter such problems.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Full Bolt Condition Monitoring

Built-in with multiple sensors, the root lock accurately distinguishes user operation and notify through alarms for abnormal conditions, prevent potential security breach.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Over 20 anti-hacking Technology

Anti force break-in, very secured.

  • Close Handle Design

    Seamless assembly, prevent forced disassembly

  • Front Panel Tamper Sensor

    Alarm notification if the front panel is separated from the facade.

  • Anti Tailing Full Design

    Handle Rebound & Lock Instantly

  • Anti Cat's Eye Locking Design

    Effectively resist cat's eye unlocking tools.

  • Independent lock button design

    Unlock with only admin fingerprint and password.

  • Resist Black Box Attacks

    Electromagnetic protection design with multiple shielding structure and electromagnetic protection design.

  • Oblique tongue detection sensor

    Detection of unclosed door and false cover.

  • Square Tongue Sensor Detection

    Real time detection of door lock status.

  • Angle Tongue Sensor Detection

    Real-time detection of door lock status.

  • Anti-bolt detection sensor

    Real time detection of door lock status

  • Encrypted binding of front and rear panels

    One to One encryption for front and rear panel data communication.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
  • Cylinder Structure

    The lock body design with complete mechanism lock structure

  • Integrated 3D semiconductor fingerprint

    One step unlock precision identification

  • Swiss Financial grade fingerprint detection algorithm

    Image + Feature point recognition

  • Apple HomeKit

    unlock MFI Security chip with encrypted security.

  • Close Integrated Structure

    No security gaps and upgraded anti-theft technology.

  • Double bearing anti- overload structure

    Over 100K handle pressure test.

  • Virtual Password to prevent theft

    Support over 20 virtual passwords.

  • Built in lock clutch

    Prevents violent disassembly.

  • Core control chip

    Core control chip rear main control is located on the rear for better security.

  • Mijia security chip

    Independent private key and verification of Bluetooth Communication.

  • Type C Emergency

    Power Supply
    For emergency charging

  • Door lock real-time log records

    Clear records of entrance and exit.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Mijia/Apple Double Security Chip Connectivity with Better Encrypted Security

Installed with the Mijia Security chip (MJSC) and Apple MFi certified security chip, all Bluetooth communication is more secured. All security chips used are certified and reliable with communication security verification.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Connect with Mijia and Apple HomeKit

Through the Xiaomi MiiIa APP or Apple Home APP, you do more smart setting connectivity. With the smart connectivity available within the ecosystem, you can control your home lights, access your lock with one button and more. Simplified operation depict a fuss free lifestyle.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Harmony of Door Lock

The doorBell has high volume and remote notification. doorbell is integrated into the door lock without additional assembly. Simply sync up with the Mijia App and avoid a missing visit from your relatives and friends.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Connect the Xiaomi Mijia App, with door log records, low battery notification, remote notification, and alarm all at your fingertips.

Connect to your XiaoMi Mijia APP, enjoy all the fuss-free functions and edit your setting at ease.

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Harmony of Functionality and Beauty The Technology and Art

Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
Aqara Smart Door Lock N100
Exterior Product Dimension

380.9 * 76.9 * 25mm (Panel Size)

Nett Weight


Power Supply

8 AA batteries (6V DC)
Type C emergency power supply (5V DC)

User Capacity

50 fingerprints, 50 permanent password, 25 NFC equipment, 25 periodic passwords, 8 ont-time password.

Door Lock Language Prompt


Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.0



Product Security Level

Level B

Lock Core Specification

Standard configuration (adapted to 40-80mm door thickness)

Cylinder Security Level

Level C

Execution Standards

Q/QLML022, GA 374-2019, GA/T 73-2015, GB 21556-2008, CEPREI-QM/ JG002-2019

Operating Humidity

0-9% RH, no condensation

Operating Temperature

Minus 25 degree to 70 degree