Xiaomi Mi 70 MAI Smart Dash Cam

Xiaomi Mi 70 MAI Smart Dash Cam

Xiaomi 70Mai Smart DashCam, with Sony IMX323 image sensor, provides superb quality recording experience. It has the distinctive functions of WiFi connection, g-sensor, and loop-cycle recording offers you a comfortable, safe and worry-free driving environment. Meanwhile, it’s H.264 photography compression technology and 1080P full HD lens, added 130 degrees vision angle and adjustable holder, giving you a satisfied recording experience. You deserve owning it!

  • 130 degrees FOV, cover wide vision range
  • 1920 x 1080P HD resolution, clear recording
  • 1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components, capture clear images during night
  • With SONY IMX323 image sensor
  • WiFi connection allows you to real-time to watch the recording and share the videos or images on the popular social media
  • Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos and plays a part of saving storage as well
  • High-temperature resistant adhesive, can avoid the problem of falling under high-temperature conditions, provide strong adhesive force, but also more beautiful and do not damage the car glass
  • Coupled with car charger and micro USB power cable for power supply, convenient for users to adapt themselves according to their needs in the car
  • The video can be monitored on the APP of your phones
  • Rotatable holder meets various recording demands
  • Simple and exquisite appearance
  • Voice control
  • Al integrated
  • APP control
  • Take picture
  • Record Video
  • Record with / without sound
  • Turn on / off WiFi

Fast Reaction

The speedy processors complete the voice commands almost instantly.


High sensitivity sensor – Enhance image quality in the dark light environment

Full glass lens – this cam doesn’t experience ‘soft focus’ in the high temperatures 70MAI intelligent recorder equipped has multiple sets of full glass spherical lenses. Each lens has 7 layer coatings, which significantly increases the light transmittance, reduces reflectivity and creates high-quality images.


Full glass lens–don’t have the soft focus in the high temperature

70MAi intelligent recorder equipped with multiple sets of full glass spherical lenses. Each lens has 7 layer coatings, which significantly increases the light transmittance, reduces reflectivity, and brings an achievement of high-quality images. It doesn’t t have the soft focus in the high temperature


130° big wide vision – Cover multiple lanes

130° big wide vision-multi-lane coverage The 130° of viewing capacity can cover the entire front end of your car, and three lanes(the driving lane and lane to each side). If an accident occurs, the Dash Cam will automatically record the adjacent lane conditions.


Support the wireless interconnection, viewing the video with the phone in real time, and downloading the video

By downloading our APP and accessing WIFL, you can view your dash cam video in real-time. You can also watch historical footage and even download your important pictures videos to your phone. This process is super simple and does not use your SIM card.

  • A the start it would be blue light
  • When recording normally it would be green light
  • When abormally recording it woulbe be red light

The bracket supports rotation and satisfies different angles

The stents of the original recorder support small amplitude rotation, which would support the leaning The angle of the window of different car models and ensure that the shooting angle is in the best position.


The Cigarette lighter supplies the power and it is safe and reliable

The recorder power is supplied by the cigarette lighter, which does not change the circuit of the car, nor destroy the original design of the car, which is safe and reliable.

Image sensor
Sony IMX323 1/2.9”
3 axis acceleration sensor
7 glass lens
Max Resolution (video/photo)
1080p @ 30fps / 2MP
Field of view
8-64 GB Class 10 & Above