Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Switch

  • Defending and withdrawing function
  • Can be used as a key doorbell
  • SOS emergency call

Match with Aqara Hub to enable a wide range of variety of functions


Easily set personalized scene

Much more than just a light switch, Aqara’s Wireless Switch is an intelligent scene controller with industry standard 86mm size. Which is the same appearance as the Light Switch (ZigBee Version). It is easily installed and used once being affixed.


8:00, Before you go to work, enable “leave home mode” with one touch

You can press the Aqara Wireless Switch to turn off all lamps at home and turn on your security system’s ‘Arm’ mode. You will particularly enjoy this one-click function when leaving home, or to secure your home at bedtime. No more worrying whether you turned on the alarm.


19:00, Enable your personalized lighting scenes with one press

With a single click of the Wireless Switch, turn on all lamps in the living room and corridor, create scenes that suit your lifestyle.


20:00, Press to ring doorbell

Do your guests have to bang on the door to announce their arrival? The simplest solution is to affix Aqara’s Wireless Switch as the doorbell. You can also set the ringing sound as you wish, personalized to your favorite tone.


22:30, Turn off light at your favourite location

No need to get out of bed on a cold night, simply place an Aqara Light Switch on your bed stand and with a single click, turn off all lights in the home.


Simple design and high quality


Match Aqara Light Switch with Mi sensors to achieve various functions


Simple connection in 2 steps

Match with Mi Multifunctional hub or Aqara Air Conditioner Controller connect other Aqara Wireless Switches to create free life.


Aqara Wireless Switch



Operating humidity

5%-95%RH (without condensation)



Wireless types


Battery Life

More than 2 years under standard environment